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Echo Cancellation


IPTube GE1-Ecan

Echo Cancellation

E1 Echo Cancellation
E1 Voice Over IP

The IPTube GE1-Ecan encapsulates full and fractional E1 circuits into IP packets. E1 Over IP connections provide for the interconnection of Channel Banks, PBXs and Telecom Switches via LANs, WANs, MANs, Satellite and Wireless Ethernet.

The IPTube GE1-Ecan ships with four E1 interfaces with Echo Cancellation and two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Interfaces. 

Echo Canceller 
The IPTube GE1-Ecan has four independent integrated E1 Echo Cancellers that cancel up to 64 milliseconds of Far End echo.  The Echo Canceller DSP detects and cancels echo at the far end so that the interconnecting packet’s network delay and jitter has no impact on echo.  The echo canceller meets ITU-T G.164, G.165 and ITU-T G.168 requirements for echo cancellation.

Echo is one of the most important factors that affects voice quality. The primary source of echo is the impedance mismatch at the hybrid that links a 2-wire analog loop to a 4-wire digital trunk.  Echo Cancellation is essential for E1 circuit emulation that involves voice connections to the PSTN and delay in excess of 20 milliseconds. Packet networks that traverse an intranet or Internet backbone can easily exceed 20 milliseconds. The IPTube’s Echo Cancellation provides the elasticity to support high quality voice connections across networks with significant delay and packet jitter.

The primary purpose to employ E1 Circuit Over Packet technology is to reduce or ideally eliminate the E1 leased circuit charges.  For an enterprise utilizing their existing intranet is very compelling.  Typically these intranets are already handling a very demanding load with significant packet jitter.  The IPTube Echo Cancellation has jitter buffering greater than 100 milliseconds which is more than enough for the majority intranets and beyond the signaling delay tolerance of Voice PBX or Switch.

Choosing Wireless Ethernet for the transport of E1 Circuit Emulation is very popular since the circuit lease charges are eliminated.  Commercial Off the Shelf Wireless Ethernet radios do not perform well with full duplex E1 circuit emulation packet traffic that is configured to keep the round trip less than 20 milliseconds.  The IPTubes Echo Cancellation has the elasticity (Jitter Buffering and reduced Packet Frequency) to support the use of Wireless Ethernet for E1 Circuit Emulation.

Transparent Interconnect
The IPTube GE1-Ecan’s transparent operation maintains the proprietary signaling required to support PBX features such as call conferences, call forwarding, caller ID and SS7.

Signaling Support
Robbed Bit, PRI ISDN, SS7, and Proprietary out of band are supported. Echo cancellation is automatically disabled during FAX and Modem communications. Transparent support for Modem or Fax. Voice quality is not compromised.

Legacy phone equipment investment is preserved. 

Central Site 4 port PBX to 4 remote locations

Pseudowire Echo Cancellation
IPTube GE1-Ecan Standard Features

Dual LAN Interfaces
All IPTube GE1-Ecan models ship with dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN ports. The dual Ethernet interfaces provide for:

    • Management interface on LAN port 2 when LAN port 1 is connected to a VPN tunnel 
    • Alternator Option for load balanced interconnects 
    • Protector Option for Redundant Packet Path connections with Constant or Switch Over           Criteria

Assured Delivery Protocol
In order to assure high quality communications over links with intermittent or noisy performance, such as Wireless Ethernet. The IPTube GE1-Ecan employs Engage’s robust Assured Delivery Protocol with the following benefits: 

    • Packet out of sequence detection and re-sequencing
    • Lost packet retransmission with configured delay


Protector OPTION -PRO
The Protector option provides for automatic protection of the E1 circuit over independent IP packet routes. After conversion of the E1 circuit into IP packets, two identical packet streams are created. These duplicate packet streams are used to provide redundant IP connectivity to the remote location in either “Always-On” or “On-Demand” switch over modes.

The need to Protect Critical Communications is in high demand for the following applications:

    • Public Safety Network Redundancy for Police, Fire and Medical
    • Auto Recovery for Military Communication
    • Delivering on Service Level Agreements
    • Resilient Cellular Backhaul

In “Always-On mode, the Protector sends two identical packet streams simultaneously on the LAN1 and LAN2 ports of the local IPTube GE1-Ecan-Pro. The remote unit monitors both LAN1 and LAN2 incoming traffic and on a packet by packet basis selects the best packet to use for conversion from IP back to E1. In most cases, switching of the receive packet source between LAN1 and LAN2 can be done without E1 circuit interruption.

Protector Public Saftey Parallel Microwave Wireless GE1

On Demand Protection
In “On-Demand” mode, the Protector only sends the duplicate packet stream over the second IP connection (LAN2 of the IP-Tube) if a failure is detected on the first IP connection. “On-Demand” connections can be used for cost savings or bandwidth reasons. For example, the expense associated with a backup IP Satellite connection for a full E1 (non-optimized E1 over IP requires 2.5 megabits per second) would dictate transmitting duplicate packets only during a failure condition.

Protector OnDemand OverIP OverSatellite GE1

Alternator Load Balancing OPTION -ALT
The IPTube GE1-Ecan Alternator option alternatively sends the IP packetized E1 frames on LAN 1 and LAN 2. The Alternator option enables fractional and full E1 circuits to be split over two IP WAN connections such as xDSL. The Lossless Data Compression option can be combined with the Alternator option to minimize the bandwidth required from the alternative paths. 

Lossless Data Compression Option -C

Rack Mount Kit
The IPTube family is ready for central office or data center environments with 19" and 23" Rack Mount Kits.

Solution Overview

The IPTube GE1-Ecan encapsulates full and fractional E1 circuits into IP packets. E1 Over IP connections provide for the interconnection of PBXs and Telecom Switches via LANs, WANs, MANs, Satellite and Wireless Ethernet. 

The IPTube GE1-Ecan ships with four E1 interfaces with far end Echo Cancellation and two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Interfaces.

Engage learned long ago that connecting Phone systems over Packet networks frequently requires echo cancellation.  Especially for network connections that have packet jitter in excess of 10 milliseconds.