V.35 Over IP Ethernet

The IPTube V.35 encapsulates synchronous serial data from Data Terminal or Communication Equipment into IP packets. These IP packets are sent to a remote IPTube V.35 where the serial data is de-encapsulated and synchronously clocked into the remote Data Equipment. Configured Data rates from 75 bits per second to 16 million bits per second.

The IP connection provides for the transparent interconnection of Synchronous Serial Data Equipment via LANs, WANs, MANs, Satellite and Wireless Ethernet.



Serial Ports

Ethernet Ports



Chassis Slot Card


 Circuit  Emulation

V.35 over IP

 IP•Tube DL V.35


2 10/100




 IP•Tube SER V.35


2 10/100




1 to 2


LAN Protector -PRO

The Protector option provides for automatic protection of the Serial circuit over independent IP packet routes. After conversion of the Serial circuit into IP packets, two identical packet streams are created. These duplicate packet streams are used to provide redundant IP connectivity to the remote location in either “Always-On” or “On-Demand” switch over modes.

The need to Protect Critical Communications is in high demand for the following applications:

 Public Safety Network Redundancy for Police, Fire and Medical
 Auto Recovery for Military Communication
 Delivering on Service Level Agreements
 Resilient Cellular Backhaul

In Always-On mode, the Protector sends two identical packet streams simultaneously on the LAN1 and LAN2 ports of the local IPTube. The remote unit monitors both LAN1 and LAN2 incoming traffic and on a packet by packet basis selects the best packet to use for conversion from IP back to Serial. In most cases, switching of the receive packet source between LAN1 and LAN2 can be done without Serial circuit interruption.

On Demand Protection
In “On-Demand” mode, the Protector only sends the duplicate packet stream over the second IP connection (LAN2 of the IP-Tube) if a failure is detected on the first IP connection. “On-Demand” connections can be used for cost savings or bandwidth reasons.

Alternator -ALT
Alternator option alternatively sends the IP packetized Serial on LAN 1 and LAN 2. The Alternator option enable circuits to be split over two IP WAN connections such as SDSL.

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