IP-Tube DL T1-ecan
IP•Tube DLE1 Ecan

E1 Ethernet Converter

• ROI Measured in Weeks
• Exploits Efficiency of IP/Ethernet
• Supports Legacy Switches/PBX
• On-board Echo Canceller

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9" (L) x 7.3” (W) x 1.50” (H)
Rack Mount and Power Options
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Rack Mount and Power Supply Options

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Rear Panel: 12/30 VDC/AC Adapter (option)

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Rear Panel: 12/30 VDC Screw Term Adapter (option)

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Rear Panel: 12/30 VDC with Negative 48 VDC Screw Term Adapter (option)

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IP•Tube DLE1-Ecan

E1 Echo Canceller

IP•Tube DLE1-Ecan

E1 Ethernet Converter

- ROI Measured in Weeks -

- Exploits Efficiency of IP/Ethernet -

- Supports Legacy Switches/PBX -

- On-board Echo Canceller -

Product Image


9" (L) x 7.3” (W) x 1.5” (H)


E1 Voice Over IP

The IPTube DLE1-Ecan encapsulates full and fractional E1 circuits into IP packets. E1 Over IP connections provide for the interconnection of PBXs, Channel Banks and Telecom Switches via LANs, WANs, MANs, Satellite and Wireless Ethernet.

Echo Canceller

The IPTube DLE1-Ecan has an integrated E1 Echo Canceller that cancels up to 64 milliseconds of Far End echo. The echo canceller meets ITU-T G.164, G.165 and ITU-T G.168 requirements for echo cancellation. 

Transparent Interconnect

The IPTube DLE1-Ecan's transparent operation maintains the proprietary signaling required to support PBX features such as call conferences, call forwarding, caller ID and SS7. 

Signaling Support

PRI ISDN, SS7, and Proprietary out of band are supported. Echo cancellation is automatically disabled during FAX and Modem communications. Transparent support for Modem or Fax. Voice quality is not compromised. Legacy phone equipment investment is preserved.

Signaling Support Diagram

VPN Network Management

Interconnecting the IPTube DLE1-Ecan through a Virtual Private Network with sufficient real time committed information rate ensures that the required quality of service is provisioned. The second Ethernet interface provides a management port. Each LAN interface features independent IP network configurations.

Signaling Support Diagram

IP•Tube DLE1-Ecan Options

Lossless Data Compression Option -C

The IPTube DLE1-Ecan-C continuously detects idle and redundant data within each E1 Voice circuit resulting in as much as a 40 to 1 bandwidth savings.

TDM over IP WAN bandwidth is not consumed by silent or redundant circuits.

Note: Compression only supported with IPTube DLE1-Ecan-C models.

Compression Diagram

Protector Option -PRO

The protector option utilizes the second LAN interface as a redundant path for the interconnection of the IP encapsulated E1 Circuit. The extension of the E1 circuit has a fault tolerant link that is configured to always on, or with switch over criteria.

Protector Option -EnPRO

The Enhanced version has configuration parameters that enable a secondary packet path with high relative delay to primary path be synchronized. The packet sequence delay synchronization ensures concurrent redundancy with a high degree of error tolerance. Error free operation is accomplished when a primary or secondary Packet is not received and a redundant duplicate packet is available. The IPTube also supports the transmission of multiple duplicate packets to support Mission Critical Circuit extension with redundancy that is only limited by the bandwidth provisioned.

Protector OPTION -EnPRO Diagram

E1 Switch Option -SWT

The E1 switch option enables the E1 Port 1 interface to be manually switched between a E1 circuit connected to E1 Port 2 or to E1 Over IP packets connected with the remote IPTube.

• Remote Control of E1 Connection to Telco or E1 over IP
• Installation performed by a single Technician 
• Quick reversion to Telco during debug of E1overIP 

Switch Diagram

E1 Link Protector Option -LPT

The E1 Link Protector provides an automatic back up for E1 circuits with E1 Over IP connecting via Wireless Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IP Satellite Services, xDSL,....

• Automatic Protection Switch for E1 Circuit
• Deliver on Stringent Service Level Agreements 
• Back Up for Mission Critical Connectivity
• Disaster Recovery for Public Safety Network
Switch Diagram

DS0 Timeslot Multiplexor Option -MUX

The IPTube DLE1-ECAN-MUX maps DSOs from a central site to as many as 31 remote locations via an IP/Ethernet connection. Get maximum use of expensive DS1 interfaces on PBX, Channel equipment and datacom gear. Also provides Virtual DACS Over IP capability. Mesh DS0s one-to-many or many-to-many.

MUX Option Diagram

Rate Limiter Option -RLM

The IPTube DLE1-ECAN-RLM Rate Limiter option limits the WAN bandwidth utilized by the LAN1 to LAN2 bridge. Rate Limiting the traffic enables the reservation of the WAN bandwidth for time the sensitive E1 Over IP real time connections. Great for Wireless WAN E1 applications. Rate Governing is only applied in the direction to the WAN to minimize latency. The data rate governor utilizes Time Division Multiplexing based clocking to provide for Nx64, NxE1 and NxFT3 bandwidth regulation that is configured from 64 kilobits up to 45Mbits.

Rate Limiter Diagram

Alternator Load Balancing Option -ALT

The IPTube DLE1-Ecan-ALT Alternator option alternatively sends the IP packetized E1 frames on LAN 1 and LAN 2. The Alternator option enables fractional and full E1 circuits to be split over two IP WAN connections such as xDSL. The Lossless Data Compression option can be combined with the Alternator option to minimize the bandwidth required from the alternative paths.

Alternator Load Balancing Diagram

Pay-As-You-Grow Field Upgrades

The IPTube DLE1-Ecan are designed for Pay-As-You-Go growth from 1 E1 to 2 E1s. Customers can elect to economize initial installations, buy purchasing a single active E1 port and enable the additional E1 Port via a software-based license key. NOTE: Each E1 Port has its own DSP Echo Cancellation hardware that is installed during assembly so it is NOT possible to field upgrade.

Field Upgrade benefits are extended to our Industry-Best Loss less Data Compression. Just as E1 ports are field upgrade able, so is Loss less Data Compression. At any time, each E1 port on the IPTube DLE1-Ecan can be upgraded to Loss less Data Compression with a simple software-based license key installation. If you determine that your IPTube DLE1-Ecan is best deployed with Loss less Data Compression, your still in business with the per port field upgrade!

Rack Mount Kit

The IPTube family  is ready for central office or data center environments with 19" and 23" Rack Mount Kits.


Echo Cancellation

Far End Echo Cancelling IPTube DLE1-Ecan utilizes a Digital Signal Processor that detects and cancels echo at the far end so that the packet network delay has no impact on echo. The echo canceller samples the voice signal, estimates and removes the echo, leaving the original speech. The linear digital signal processor (DSP) models the echo and performs the main echo cancellation task. A non-linear DSP processor is then optimally employed to subtract out any residual echo or reflected noise components. 

Echo is one of the most important factors that affects voice quality. The presence of echo depends on both echo level and echo delay. The primary source of echo is the impedance mismatch at the hybrid that links a 2-wire analog loop to a 4-wire digital trunk. The hybrid is not completely efficient in carrying the electrical energy and a certain amount of the electrical energy, or voice signal, is reflected back and may be perceived as echo. 

Occasionally, acoustic feedback of certain phones also causes noticeable echoes. These sources of echo are able to be cancelled by the human brain as long as the time between our speech and the echoed speech is not greater than 32 milliseconds.

Echo Cancellation Diagram

Engage's E1 Over IP products have a minimum delay configuration, 1 millisecond packetization and 4 packet buffering, which introduces a delay of 5 milliseconds. The amount of delay introduced by the packet network depends upon its switching times, packet processing, packet jitter, transmission, loading and quality of service configuration.
For example a network connection that utilizes Gigabit Ethernet switches, which introduce delays in the microseconds, does not require echo cancellation. Wide Area Networks that traverse an intranet or internet backbone have varying degrees of delay which can easily exceed 28 milliseconds. Total round trip delays in excess of 32 millisecond makes echo perceptible.

The IPTube’s Echo Cancellation provides the elasticity to support clear connections across networks with significant delay and packet jitter.

E1 Private Line Services Over IP

Businesses, Education Districts, Universities, National, State and Local Government, incur significant recurring monthly costs for rigid-bandwidth leased lines used only for the interconnection of PBXs and Telecom switches.

The IPTube DLE1-Ecan provides enterprises with the ability to interconnect their existing phone systems over flexible bandwidth lines that are used to carry data, voice, and video. The Voice Only Leased Line Toll charges assessed by long distance and local carriers are eliminated or dramatically reduced by transporting voice traffic across LANs and WANs.


The most compelling option for the interconnection of E1 based systems is when it can be accomplished over a Local Area Network. The deployment of Fiber based LANS such as FDDI and Gigabit Ethernet, provides organizations with high performance and high quality bandwidth that is especially well suited for the interconnection of PBXs and Telecom Switches.


Wide Area Networks that have sufficient bandwidth and Quality of Service provisioning result very significant cost savings especially for Multinational Corporations. The IPTube DLE1-Ecan-C with loss less data compression, detects idle and redundant data within each voice circuit resulting in a 56 to 1 bandwidth savings. WAN bandwidth is not consumed by silence or redundant samples.

Broadband Service Providers

Companies, that are able to provide IP Ethernet access networks generate new revenue by offering traditional E1 leased line and private line services, such as:

Cable Operators

Cable operators connect traditional E1 leased line and private line services over their hybrid fiber coax (HFC) cable networks. HFC Cable network latency typically requires echo cancellation. 

Metropolitan Area Networks

Metropolitan carriers with IP or Ethernet access networks deliver traditional leased line and private line services. 


Utilities generate new revenue by offering traditional E1 leased line and private line services over their fiber or power line networks.

Incumbent Carriers

Telcos reduce costs by delivering profitable leased and private line services over their flexible Ethernet infrastructures.

CLEC PBX Back Haul

The IPTube DLE1-Ecan provides CLECs with a way to back haul E1 DS0s from a customer’s phone systems over their Internet connection. The back hauled DS0s are connected to the CLECs phone switch for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Networks. Local Exchange Carriers are able to offer an economical alternative to the local Phone Company.

CLEC PBX Back Haul Diagram

Wireless EthernetConnecting phone systems across a wireless Ethernet connection has a return on investment that is measured in weeks. Eliminating the wired connection for the E1 based communication equipment is made possible with the IPTube’s E1 Over Ethernet capability.
Echo Cancellation enables Wireless connections to support E1 Over IP real time connections in a point to point or point to multipoint configuration with the elasticity required.


LAN Network Interface
  • Two 10/100BaseT Full/Half Ethernet
  • Autonegotiation or Configurable Speed and Duplex
LAN Network Protocols Supported
  • Assured Delivery Protocol 
  • DHCP
  • DNS Address Discovery
  • Dynamic DNS 
Echo Canceller
  • Voiceband Echo Cancelling according to ITU G.165 and G.168
  • u- and A-Law coding according to ITU G.711
  • 32 channels with end echo path delay of less than 63.75 ms 
E1/Fractional E1 Specifications
  • One or two G.703 Port 120/75 ohm Models
  • Connects directly to E1 or DS1
  • Framing - CRC4 or FAS or UnFRAMED
  • Coding - HDB3 or AMI
  • Supports DS0 assignments from 1 to 31
  • Not Contiguous Configuration x-y,z
Supported E1 Over IP Protocol
  • TDM Over IP
  • Circuit Extension Services Over IP - CESOIP
  • Frames Per Packet Configurable 8 to 40
  • Low Latency Mode: 1 millisecond 8 E1 frames
  • Max Payload Mode: 5 millisecond 40 E1 frames
  • Comprehensive Clocking: Internal, Network, Adaptive
Lossless Data Compression Option
  • Detects idle and redundant data within each DS0
  • Configurable Silence Detection Range
  • Interconnect bandwidth is not consumed by silent or redundant data
  • Compression settings from 8 to 1 to 40 to 1
TFTP Online Upgrade Capable (FLASH ROMs)
  • IPTube is fully operational during upgradeQuality of Service Support:
  • IP Type of Service (TOS) CLI configurable
  • IANA Registered UDP Port 3175
  • 802.1p/q mac level prioritizationRegulatory:
  • CE
  • Safety -IEC60950
  • EMC - CFR 47 Part 15 Sub Part B:2002, EN55022:1994 + A1 & A2, EN55024, ICES-003 1997, CISPR 22 Level A
  • Telecom TBR12, TBR13
  • CE
  • Safety -IEC60950
  • EMC - CFR 47 Part 15 Sub Part B:2002,
  • EN55022:1994+A1&A2, EN55024, ICES-003 1997, CISPR 22 Level A
  • Telecom TBR12, TBR13
  • Telnet support with Edit and Paste Template Files
  • Console Port for Out of Band Management
  • SNMP support (MIB I, MIB II) with configurable traps
  • Remote config., monitoring, & reset
  • Telco Diagnostics: Local Loop, Remote Loop
Rear Panel/Power
  • 12-24 VAC/VDC, 1.0A. International Adapters Available
  • Optional -48V 0.25 Amp
  • 9" (L) x 7.3 ” (W) x 1.50” (H) 

Ordering Information

Chassis Slot Card: IP-Tube DLE1-Ecan

Rack Mount & Power Supply Options:

BlackGate RS232 Rear
BlackGate RS232 Rear

Part No.



IPTube DLE1-Ecan, xE1, *Note: x = Specified # of E1 Ports (1 to 2)


IPTube DLE1-Ecan, with xE1 Compression, *Note: x = Specified # of E1 Ports (1 to 2)

Optional Features

Optional Features


ROHS compliant materials and processes, Restriction of Hazardous Substances no Pb


Protector Option, Fault Tolerant Network Interconnect. The protector option utilizes the second LAN interface as a redundant path for the interconnection of the IP encapsulated data. The extension of the IP-Tube has a fault tolerant link that is configured to always on, or with switch over criteria.  Learn more.


Alternator Load Balancing Option, Load Balancing Inverse Mux


E1 Multiplexor and DACS, Groom 2 to 31 remote locations Over IP


Rate Limiter Option, Reserve E1 Over IP Bandwidth


E1 Switch Option, Provides for Manual Switching of E1 or E1 Over IP


Link Protector Option, Automatic E1 Circuit Backup with E1 Over IP

Power Supply Options

Power Supply Options


90-220 VAC Universal International/Domestic Adapter


DUAL REDUNDANT, 90-220 VAC Adapter


Internal Power Module, -48 VDC Screw Terminals


DUAL REDUNDANT, -48 VDC Screw Terminals


WIREDC Option, +24 VDC Screw Terminals



Rack Mount Options

Rack Mount Option


Rack Mount Kit - for single 7" products (Fits both 19" and 23" racks)


2 unit 19" x 1RU Rack Mount Kit for 7" products




Right Angle Wall Mount Bracket Kit

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