Circuit Encryption 

The BlackBond T1 or BlackBond E1 circuit encryptors are truly transparent to the network users. As they are installed at either end of a high-speed circuit they appear like a standard CSU. They are designed to assure no loss of bandwidth and minimal latency. The BlackBond products are suitable for real time applications such as broadcast, surveillance or conference video or voice. By providing the user a method for circuit encryption, the Engage products offer a unique alternative for T1 or E1 secure transmissions.  Engage’s BlackBond Link Encryptors support a full range of Telecommunication and Networking equipment:

  • WAN Routers and Bridges 
  • PBX trunks, Codecs 
  • Multiplexers 
  • PBXs Phone Switches


Voice Encryption

BlackBond is inserted between the Phone System’s T1/E1 interface and the T1/E1 circuit. The BlackBond operates at the Layer 1 or Layer 2 or Layer 3. In Layer 1 mode the BlackBond encrypts T1/E1 frames. Voice timeslots within the T1/E1 frames are AES encrypted. The signaling channel, which can be PRI, SS7 or Proprietary, is unencrypted. Encryption of interoffice voice calls eliminates wiretapping at unsecured phone closets and telecom service provider monitor jacks. AES Circuit Encryption is employed to prevent interception, tampering and disruption of public or private communication channels. The need to employ end to end circuit encryption is a top priority for organizations that are aware of their vulnerability. Circuits from the Phone Company are commonly thought of as private and not accessible or requiring sophisticated equipment to tap.

AES encryptedT1diagram web

Ready Access to Communication Channels
The vast majority of Telephone calls, Data networks and Video for Surveillance or Conferencing are interconnected over Time Division Multiplexed - TDM circuits from Regional Bell Operating Companies - RBOCs or Postal Telegraph and Telephone - PTTs. Access to these interconnecting circuits can be obtained at the Telco Switching locations. There are numerous Telco switching centers that are unmanned and security at many of the manned locations is minimal and not in place 24 hours per day. Easily thwarted physical security provides ready access to the Telcos built-in TDM diagnostic circuit monitoring jacks.

Unique Approach to Wide Area Network Encryption
The BlackBond splices in an AES hardened payload encryptor between an existing WAN Router/Bridge and the egress point of the Circuit. The configuration of the Router/Bridge does not require modification. Ease-of-implementation there is no need to reconfigure routers or other network devices. The BlackBond eliminates major hurdles in implementing encryption especially in contrast to the overhead, latency, and complexities of implementing a VPN encryption configuration in the WAN Router. The cost of reprogramming a WAN router can easily exceed the cost of the Black·Link.

BlackBondT1 WAN Encryption


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