Engage products are used by Federal, State and Local Agencies and Departments, as well as other Governments across the globe to manage network costs while keeping pace with service and security demands. Preserving the life of current networking equipment while migrating to more efficient packet networks is one example of how Engage makes this happen.

Our products provide Government entities with innovative and cost effective solutions that connect network elements, protect critical circuits and secure network traffic and cryptographic keys. We have a quarter-century of experience developing, manufacturing, and supporting solutions that are critical to our customer’s operations.



Highlighted Solutions

Connect remote-offices across the U.S. for large Federal Government Department

 Opportunity: Government Department wants to migrate remote-office T1 data traffic off of leased line circuits and onto government backbone packet network.
 Solution: Connect existing remote-office data equipment to packet network using Engage IP-Tube solution. Engage multi-slot chassis at central site and compact stand-alone equipment at remote-offices.
• Result: Significant cost savings by removing monthly T1 circuit fees, with no drop in network performance, and preservation of existing network equipment.

Large East Coast County makes the move from ATM to MPLS

 Opportunity: County government seeks to cost effectively move from aging ATM infrastructure to MPLS packet based network topology.
• SolutionConnect existing PBX equipment to new MPLS network with Engage IPTube T1 circuit to packet converters. Integrated echo cancellation and redundant power ensure robust performance.  
 Result: Reliable lower cost communications with no changes to the existing PBX equipment.

State creates backup IP network for critical T1 radio traffic

 Opportunity: Critical T1 traffic carried over microwave radio links is subject to weather based outages.
• SolutionDetect T1 circuit issues and automatically convert the T1 traffic to packets and  route over backup State IP fiber network using Engage IPTube T1 with Protector option.
 ResultCritical T1 traffic now has multiple independent network paths to get from source to destination, and protection switching and conversion between circuit and packet formatting is handled automatically based on network availability.

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