Engage products are used by public and private utilities to ensure the reliable and cost effective transport of critical information. Whether it’s redundant data center connectivity, migration from end of life circuits to packet networks, or making networks more secure; Engage helps Utilities meet the challenges of continuous power delivery, and NERC recommendations and standards.

Our products provide the Utility industry with innovative and cost effective solutions that connect network elements, protect critical circuits and secure network traffic and cryptographic keys. We have a quarter-century of experience developing, manufacturing, and supporting solutions that are critical to our customer’s operations.





Highlighted Solutions

Migrate RTU / Data Center circuits to packet network with minimal disruption

• Opportunity: Large Utility to convert RTU / Data Center circuits to packet network with automatic switchover between multiple Data Centers.

 Solution: Saved CAPEX and OPEX by retaining existing RTUs using Engage IPTube Serial to packet converters with automatic protection switching and SCADA protocol transparency.

 Result: Highly resilient RTU / Data Center packet network cost effectively deployed and fully operational in short period of time.


Secure and reliable transport of critical power station notifications

 Opportunity: Convert “in the clear” government power station alert notifications from aging circuits to encrypted packet network.

• Solution: Able to encrypt serial alert data and convert it into packets with the Engage Black-Tube, minimizing the amount of equipment required and lowering overall project cost.

• Result: Reliable packet delivery of critical alerts, secured by powerful 256 bit key encryption; all provided in one integrated solution.


Cost effective radio traffic backhaul over fiber network

Opportunity: Move backhaul of T1 radio traffic from expensive leased circuits to internal fiber network of regional utility.

Solution: Convert T1 radio traffic to packets with Engage IPTube circuit to packet central site and remote products.

Result: Leased lines retired and backhaul traffic transiting reliable fiber network.


What Utilities Say About Us

“We can bring up sites using Conitel at 1200 BPS, and sites using DNP3 at 9600 BPS. Engage calls this transparent SCADA transport. I call it amazing.”

- Network Engineer
Southern Utility

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