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Engage products are used by both large and small telecom and wireless Service Providers across the globe, helping them deliver services to end users and keeping vital access and backhaul networks running. Connecting circuit equipment to packet networks, automatic switching to redundant networks, and encrypting sensitive traffic are just some of the ways Engage assists Service Providers in meeting their goals.

Our products provide Service Providers with innovative and cost effective solutions that connect network elements, protect critical circuits and secure network traffic and cryptographic keys. We have a quarter-century of experience developing, manufacturing, and supporting solutions that are critical to our customer’s operations.





Highlighted Solutions

Rapid service restoral to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

 Opportunity: Provide rapid restoral of T1 business circuits in major metropolitan areas for national carrier.

 Solution: Independent backup path for T1s over 4G wireless using IPTube T1 to packet converters with echo cancellation and traffic compression functionality.

 Result: T1 service restored within SLA window, with no performance degredation while connected over backup cellular link.

Cost effective traffic backhaul and transport

 Opportunity: Independent telephone company to convert backhaul network from circuits to packets, while retaining existing T1 and T3 circuit equipment.

 Solution: Connect existing T1 and T3 transmission equipment to IP / MPLS network with IPTube T1 and T3 circuit to packet converters.

 Result: Cost effective transition to IP / MPLS backhaul network complete, and circuit to packet installation and performance successful.

Encryption services for government customers

 Opportunity: Large government customer of a global carrier needs to migrate from older link encryption equipment to modern secure encryption.

 Solution: Deploy Engage Black-Bond T1 link encryptors with support for 256 bit AES symmetric keys. 

 Result: Large number of T1 links secured without service impact (due to low latency/traffic transparency features of the Black-Bond).

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