IPExpress GE1


IPExpress GE1 is a high performance, bandwidth scalable, IP WAN router with 4 E1 ports offering a standards based inverse multiplexing (N x E1) capability. 

The 4 E1 ports are able to connect to 4 remote locations or optionally to be N x E1 inverse packet multiplexed to remote locations from 4 Mbps to 8 Mbps. Standards based WAN protocols, PPP, Multilink PPP, and Frame Relay, ensure interoperability.


The IPExpress GE1 interconnects remote LANs and addresses the large market for connectivity in the multi-megabit bandwidth range such as high quality MPEG Video delivery.

The Integration of the E1 CSUs provides for a complete solution with a straight forward configuration.

E1 Branch Office Connectivity

E1 Branch Office Connectivity



IPExpress GE1 utilizes 4 E1 Telco Circuits to optimally interconnect 4 Remote LANs with IPExpress DLE1s.

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