Cellular Backhaul

L 7” (17.78 cm); W 5.5” (14 cm);
H 1.50” (3.81 cm)
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IPTube G4 T1

Cellular Backhaul


Enable One to Four T1 interfaces for T1 over IP Voice and Data 

The IPTube G4 T1  is available with one to four T1 interfaces and single 10/100 BaseT Full/Half Duplex Ethernet Interfaces. An optional integrated 5 port QOS/VLAN/Rate Limiting Layer-2 Ethernet switch is available.
An Ethernet Switch Option provides transparent LAN bridging, user data bandwidth and access control through rate limiting and port-based VLAN filtering and tagging.
The T1 interfaces have configurations that for provide independent protocol, compression, packet sizing, buffering, framing, coding and channel settings. Enable additional T1 Ports as needs expand using a software-based license key. The protocols supported are IPTube, CESoIP, and HDLCoIP.Transparent Interconnect
The IPTube G4 T1's transparent operation maintains the proprietary signaling required to support PBX features such as call conferencing, call forwarding, caller ID and SS7. Legacy phone equipment investment is preserved. Transparent support for Modem, Fax, or Data circuits. Voice quality is not compromised.
 PBX G4toG4 4port


IPTube G4 T1 Standard Features


Assured Delivery Protocol 
In order to assure high quality communications over links with intermittent or noisy performance, such as Wireless or Broadband over Power Line, the IPTube G4 T1 employs Engage’s robust Assured Delivery Protocol with the following benefits: 

• Packet out of sequence detection and re-sequencing
• Duplicate skipping
• Lost packet retransmission with configured delay.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCP 
The IPTube G4 T1 can be configured to obtain its Internet Protocol network parameters: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS; from a local DHCP server.

Domain Name Addressing
IPTube G4 T1 can be configured to use a Domain Name for the remote IPTube in place of a fixed IP address. Supports mobile multi service provider installations with ease.

Dynamic DNS 
IPTubes can be configured to register their IP address with Dynamic Domain Name Servers for discovery by the IPTube at the other end of the T1 circuit. DDNS support combined with DHCP make installations Name-based which is very easy to setup and maintain when compared to Static IP addressing.

Secure Socket Shell - SSH
Engage’s Secure Socket Shell, which is based upon industry proven Open SSH and FIPS 140 approved Open SSL version 2.0, provides secure encrypted communications between SSH clients such as OpenSSH, SecureCRT, and PuTTY and the IPTube's Command Line Interface.

The IPTube UNO T1 is able to be fully managed with SNMP via standard and private MIBs. Large scale deployments of IPTubes with centralized management have made SNMP support a priority. SNMP Traps for error events enable proactive service fault isolation.

Full T1 Connection Across Two ADSL Lines
The IPTube G4 T1's two Ethernet interfaces are able utilize two ADSL Ethernet Modems, that have opposite high speed direction, to transport a T1's symmetrical bandwidth.

Service Quality Packet Prioritizing
The IPTube G4 T1 uses the Type of Service byte in the IP packets to prioritize the encapsulated T1 frames. The setting of the TOS byte can be used to ensure that the real time TDM data from the IPTube G4 T1 is ensured high priority.
VPN Network Management
Interconnecting the IPTube G4 T1 through a Virtual Private Network with a sufficient real time committed information rate ensures that the required quality of service is provisioned. The IPTube G4 T1's second LAN interface, which requires the Switch Option, provides a management port when the LAN1 interface is connected to a VPN. Each Ethernet LAN interface features independent IP network configurations.

IPTube G4 T1 Options


Ethernet Switch OPTION - SWITCH
The IPTube G4 T1 is available with a five port 10/100 Ethernet QoS switch integrating a high-performance switching fabric with four priority queues. Advanced features include 802.1p/IPv4/IPv6 traffic classification, full IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, RMON, SNMP, Port Monitoring and Layer 2 firewall. 

QoS determined by destination MAC address, port ID, IEEE 802.1p and multimedia traffic tags, IPv4 Type of Service (TOS), and Differentiated Services (DiffServ).

Rate Limiter

The Ethernet switch Ingress and/or Egress Rate Limiter option enables the reservation of the bandwidth for time-sensitive T1 Over IP real time connections. Required for applications where the LAN traffic can exceed the WAN bandwidth required by the T1 over IP/Ethernet application. The data rate limit range is 128 kilobits to 64 Megabits in binary increments.

The Rate Limiter option limits the WAN bandwidth utilized by the LAN1 to LAN2 bridge. Rate Limiting the traffic enables the reservation of the WAN bandwidth for time the sensitive T1 Over IP real time connections. Great for Wireless WAN T1 applications. Rate Governing is only applied in the direction to the WAN to minimize latency. 

t1 rate 

Virtual Private Network Support 
Interconnecting the IPTube G4 T1 through a Virtual Private Network with sufficient real time committed information rate ensures that the required quality of service is provisioned. The second Ethernet interface provides a management port. Each LAN interface features independent IP network configurations.

Lossless Data Compression Option 
The IPTube G4 T1 detects idle/redundant data within each DS0 resulting in as much as 56 to 1 bandwidth savings. T1 over IP bandwidth is not consumed by silent or redundant circuits. Management of the IPTube G4 T1 is accomplished with a Command Line Interface that is accessed through a Console or Telnet connection. Common templates provide for cut and Paste configuration.

Alternator Load Balancing Option
The IPTube G4 T1-ALT Alternator option alternatively sends the IP packetized T1 frames on LAN 1 and LAN 2. The Alternator option enables fractional and full T1 circuits to be split over two IP WAN connections such as xDSL. The Lossless Data Compression option can be combined with the Alternator option to minimize the bandwidth required from the alternative paths. The cost of interconnecting T1 communication systems across packetized xDSL is a fraction of long distance leased T1 circuit costs.

SuperTube Option

Engage Communication super sizes IPTube T1 Circuit extension over Ethernet Packet networks.  The Engage SuperTube option combines four T1 circuits into one IP packet stream.  The SuperTube is designed to support Cellular Backhaul’s tight latency requirements when multiple T1 circuit interconnects are to be extended over Packet networks.


The typical way to extend T1 circuits across packet networks is for each T1 to be encapsulated into individual IP packet streams.  The SuperTube Sized IPTube reduces the encapsulation overhead bandwidth and the packet frequency by 75%.  The reduction of packet frequency enables network processors that are pressed with the low latency packet processing.

Cellular Backhaul has latency requirements that can be as stringent as four milliseconds.  In order to rate adapt the clock and to take into account the jitter of the Ethernet buffering of the circuit extended packets is required.  The frequency of the packets may need to be as low as 250 micro seconds to meet the latency and buffering requirements. 

The packet processing for 4 bidirectional T1 circuits at 250 microseconds packet interval full duplex is 32,000 packets per second.  32,000 packets per second full duplex is not something that 802.xx and WiMax wireless radios are able to reliably process.   The SuperTube option cuts the packet processing requirement to 8,0000 packets per second which can be handled with ease by commercial grade 802.xx and WMax radios.

Protector Option
The protector option utilizes the second LAN interface as a redundant path for the interconnection of the IP encapsulated T1 Circuit. The extension of the T1 circuit has a fault tolerant link that is configured to always on, or with switch over criteria.
G4 ProtectorOptionT1
Protector OPTION -EnPRO
The Enhanced version has configuration parameters that enable a secondary packet path with high relative delay to primary path be synchronized. The packet sequence delay synchronization ensures concurrent redundancy with a high degree of error tolerance. Error free operation is accomplished when a primary or secondary Packet is not received and a redundant duplicate packet is available. The IPTube also supports the transmission of multiple duplicate packets to support Mission Critical Circuit extension with redundancy that is only limited by the bandwidth provisioned.

Alternator Load Balancing OPTION -ALT 
The Alternator option alternatively sends the IP packetized T1 frames on two Ethernet interfaces, balancing the load. The Alternator option enables fractional and full T1 circuits to be split over two IP WAN connections such as ADSL.

G4 ProtectorOptionT1

Full T1 Connection Across Two ADSL Lines 
The IPTube G4 T1's two Ethernet interfaces are able utilize two ADSL Ethernet Modems, that have opposite high speed direction, to transport a T1’s symmetrical bandwidth.


The GPSDO Option receives GPS satellite timing signals to control an onboard oscillator providing from a T1 Stratum 1 reference clock. The GPSDO Option utilizes a mixed-signal phase lock loop GPS driven frequency module to generate extremely accurate 1.544MHz T1 references clocks that are frequency locked to the Global Stratum 1 source. The Stratum 1 clock is the basis for all telecom voice and data interfaces, required to assure proper synchronization of signals and call quality.

Pay-As-You-Grow Field Upgrades 
The IPTube G4 T1 is designed for Pay-As-You-Go growth from 1 T1 through 4 T1s per IPTube G4 T1. Customers can elect to economize initial network installations, by purchasing their IPTube G4 T1 with a single active T1 port. As the network grows enable additional T1 Ports via a software-based license key. Field upgrade benefits are extended to our Industry-Best Lossless Data Compression. Just as T1 ports are field upgradeable, so is Lossless Data Compression. At any time, each T1 port on the IPTube G4 T1 can be upgraded to Lossless Data Compression with a simple software-based license key installation. If upon installation, you determine that your IPTube G4 T1s are best deployed with Lossless Data Compression, you're still in business with the per port field upgrade!

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