Made in the USA: Engage products are used by all branches of the military, NATO and armed forces across the world.

Vehicle-based Satellite Communication System
Global satellite communications system deployed on mobile vehicles with robust, secure and able to be fully operational in 30 minutes.
Incorporating Redundancy into Critical Defense System
Critical defense T1 /E1 communications network remain “on-the-air” even if primary com links are severed.
Encryption of Sensitive Military T1/E1 Circuits

Protect sensitive voice, data and video interoffice communications from risk of interception and abuse.

On Land, Sea, Air, and Space

Our products provide Defense organizations with innovative and cost effective solutions that connect network elements, protect critical circuits and secure network traffic and cryptographic keys. 

Connecting Type 1 encryptors to IP networks, enabling high availability for critical Defense networks, COTS encryption, and delivery of network timing are some of the functions performed by Engage solutions for Defense departments.

DoD Forces

Success Story

Mission Critical: Serial-over-IP Conversion

Engage’s IPTube was selected for serial-over-IP conversion, according to the Program Manager, due to its environmental robustness and Engage’s willingness to customize its final configuration.

Engage’s modifications, including multiple hardware and software design changes, to theIPTube configuration allowed the contractor to meet the government’s upgraded performance requirements. This responsiveness included on-site collaboration.

“Engage’s willingness and commitment to delivering an absolutely rock solid IPTube configuration helped us finalize what we ultimately delivered to the government. Their commitment included sending personnel to our R&D facilities, which helped us greatly during the prototyping phase.”

A Mission Critical Experience

With the system now in use around the world, the IPTubes are doing their job every day.

Overall, Engage provides great customer service and a solid product. The IPTubes have proven to be very robust, stable, and super reliable after deployment in the field.”

Highlighted Solutions

Vehicle-based Satellite Communication System
 Opportunity: Global satellite communications system deployed on mobile vehicles needs to be robust, secure and  fully operational in 30 minutes.

• Solution: Connect secure voice, video and data traffic from Type 1 encryptors to IP satellite network with Engage IP•Tube RS530 circuit to packet converters. Specialized IPTube hardware provided for rigorous environmental and physical conditions. 

 Result: Engage was there every step of the way with on-time delivery of specialized features and on-site support as needed; resulting in successful deployment across a fleet of vehicles.
Incorporating Redundancy into Critical Defense System
Encryption of Sensitive Military T1/E1 Circuits

Defense Industry Feedback


“The Department of Defense Service Branches are very good, and very thorough when developing standards, and then evaluating equipment and components to those standards. They do multiple vendor comparisons, and pick the very best. Engage’s IP•Tube GT1 was judged to be the best TDM over IP technology for voice transport in this system, and was therefore included in the spec.”

Tim Carney, Vice President, ACG Systems

“Engage has simply been a great company to work with, they are always dependable and attentive to our program needs, whether it was cost, schedule, or performance.”

Program Manager, Fortune 500 Defense Contractor

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