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IPTube SER RS232

Flexible Serial Data Extensions over Packet Switch Networks



The IPTube SER RS232 converts RS232 serial data connections into IP packets, extending the serial data over very cost effective Ethernet or MPLS based LAN/WAN/MAN wired and wireless networks. Synchronous, Asynchronous, Isochronous or HDLC serial data is encapsulated into IP packets. This facilitates the interconnection of Serial Data over IP between Serial Bulk Encryptors (KIV7/OMNI), Data Terminals, Data Acquisition Systems, WAN Routers and Bridges, SCADA RTUs....

Layer 1 with Isochronous Support
In Layer 1 operating mode every bit is encapsulated into an IP packet. The size and frequency of the IP packets can be set with data bit rates from 75 bits to 256 kilobits per second. Isochronous serial protocols, such as Conitel, are transported synchronously to maintain message alignment. A configured number of incoming packets are buffered in order to compensate for the packet delivery jitter introduced by the network. The size of the Tube bit buffer is configurable to accommodate the peak amount of jitter.

Asynchronous Over IP
Asynchronous characters from the RS232 interface with 5 to 8 data bits, baud rates from 1.2 to 38.4 kilobits, 1 or 2 stop bits that are with or without parity are efficiently encapsulated into IP packets. The encapsulation supports block mode transfers to minimize the bandwidth required. Additionally the latency is controlled by setting the Tube Bytes per packet.

In Layer 2 operating mode HDLC Data frames, such as those used by Wide Area Networking protocols PPP and Frame Relay or proprietary Data Links, are transported within IP packets as HDLC over IP. The Serial to Packet conversion only occurs when HDLC frames are active.

IPTube SER RS232 Standard Features

Dual LAN Interfaces
All IPTube SER RS232 models ship with dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN ports.

The dual Ethernet interfaces provide for:

• Management interface on LAN port 2 when LAN port 1 is connected to a VPN tunnel
• Protector Option for Redundant Packet Path connections with Constant or Switch Over Criteria

Assured Delivery Protocol

In order to assure high quality communications over links with intermittent or noisy performance, such as Wireless, the IPTube SER RS232 employs Engage’s robust Assured Delivery Protocol with the following benefits:

• Packet out of sequence detection and re-sequencing

• Duplicate skipping
• Lost packet retransmissions with configured delay


Flexible Synchronous Serial Data Extension Over IP
The IPTube SER RS232, whose synchronous serial interface is configurable as DCE or a DTE, facilitates the transport of bulk data across a combination of IP and WAN infrastructures. The IP•Tube SER RS232's flexibility supports internetworking across varied LAN/WAN/MAN/Satellite networks. The size and frequency of the IP packets can be set with data bit rates from 2.4 Kilobits per second to 250 Kilobits per second. Latency minimization is accomplished with multidimensional adaptive clock configurations.


WAN Data Over IP

The IPTube SER RS232 provides a transparent bandwidth regulated IP Tunnel for interconnecting remote Networks. With the IPTube SER RS232 WAN security provisioning, such as firewalling, is maintained. WAN Protocols, such as PPP and Frame Relay, that utilize HDLC framing are encapsulated with HDLC Over IP. Broadband Service providers are able to transport Enterprise Wide Area Network connections with inband management of the Committed Information Rates. The IPTube SER RS232 IP Tunnel can also be utilized as a secondary path for fault tolerant mission critical applications.


Assured Delivery Protocol

In order to assure that circuits are extended over connections with fault tolerance the IPTube SER RS232 has as a standard capability an Assured Delivery Protocol that supports high performance full duplex real time data. The protocol has packet out of sequence detection and re sequencing, duplicate skipping, and real time lost packet retransmission with configured delay.


Service Quality Packet Prioritizing

The IPTube SER RS232 uses the Type of Service byte in the IP packets to prioritize the encapsulated data. The setting of the TOS byte can be used to ensure that the data from the IPTube SER is ensured high priority.
Management of the IPTube SER RS232 is accomplished with a Command Line Interface that is accessed through a Console or Telnet connection. Templates of the most common configuration provide for an Edit and Paste configuration. SNMP MIB I and II support is a standard feature.


Dual LAN Interfaces

All IPTube SER RS232 models ship with dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN ports. The dual Ethernet interfaces provide for:
• Management interface on LAN port 2 when LAN port 1 is connected to a VPN tunnel
• The LAN ports can be configured to support connectionsover 2 opposite ADSL links
• Protector Option for Redundant Packet Path connections with Constant or Switch Over Criteria


VPN Network Management

The IPTube SER RS232's second 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface provides a management port when interconnecting the IPTube SER RS232 through a Virtual Private Network. Each LAN interface of the IPTube SER RS232 features independent IP network configurations.  


IPTube SER RS232 Optional Features

 Protector Option

The protector option utilizes the second LAN interface as a redundant path for the interconnection of the IP encapsulated SER RS232 data. The extension of the SER RS232 has a fault tolerant link that is configured to always on, or with switch over criteria.


Serial Redundancy OPTION -Y

The Serial Redundancy option is used to switch the RS232 connection to a secondary IPTube in the case of a network or equipment failure maximizing network availability by providing complete hardware redundancy for mission critical applications.


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