Public Safety

Engage products are used by state and local government agencies and partners to help ensure access to Public Safety networks and dispatch centers.Detection of network faults and automatic switchover to backup satelliteor cellular services, and lowering the cost of routing calls to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) are a few of the ways Engage benefits Public Safety networks.

Our products provide Public Safety networks and control centers with innovative and cost effective solutions that connect network elements, protect critical circuits and secure network traffic and cryptographic keys. We have a quarter-century of experience developing, manufacturing, and supporting solutions that are critical to our customer’s operations.


Highlighted Solutions

Improved availability of emergency services network during natural disasters

 Opportunity: State government requires terrestrial T1 circuit backup during natural disasters to maintain emergency services connectivity.

 Solution: Automatically switch to backup packet satellite network upon detection of T1 failure using Engage IPTube with Protector and Compression features.

• Result: When a storm knocks out terrestrial T1 circuits, connectivity is automatically restored via satellite, keeping emergency responder networks functioning.

Lower transport costs for routing emergency calls to PSAP 

 Opportunity: County government seeks to reduce T1 backhaul costs for carrying dedicated analog circuits from Local Exchange Carrier to Public Safety Access Point (PSAP).

 Solution: Convert T1 circuits to packets with the Engage IPTube and transport traffic over a lower cost packet network.

 Result: Reliable lower cost communications with no changes to the existing PSAP or local exchange equipment, or standard operating procedures.

Increased reliability of state-wide emergency services network

• Opportunity: Unpredictable outages in state-wide T1 backhaul network require State government to look for cost-effective alternatives.

 Solution: Detect T1 circuit issues and automatically switch traffic to backup 4G cellular network using Engage IPTube T1 with Protector option.

 Result: T1 traffic routed over cellular network only when circuit issues exist, maximizing availability while minimizing backup costs.


What People in Public Safety Say About Us

“The IPTube product is sophisticated and reliable, and is the only component that has never failed in the seven years we’ve been operating our LMR satellite backup solution in multiple states.”

- Greg Heifner, President, ODN, Inc.

“Engage as a partner, and the IPTube as a product, have been great from start to finish. The system works exactly as designed, and the IPTube is an important piece of the infrastructure. It helps ensures the safety of the people who would come to my house if I had to call the fire department.”

- Ross Monaco, Business Manager, Emtec (Australia)

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