IP-Tube DL T1
IP•Tube VF
4-Wire E&M CEP

4 Wire E&M Analog to Packet

• 4 Wire E&M PTT Voice and Signaling Circuit Emulation
• CEP Advanced Mangement Module

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9" (L) x 7.3” (W) x 1.50” (H)
Rack Mount and Power Options
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Rack Mount and Power Supply Options

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Rear Panel: 12/30 VDC/AC Adapter (option)

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Rear Panel: 12/30 VDC Screw Term Adapter (option)

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Rear Panel: 12/30 VDC with Negative 48 VDC Screw Term Adapter (option)

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4-Wire E&M Analog Over IP

IP•Tube VF

4-Wire E&M CEP

4 Wire E&M Analog to Packet

  • PTT Voice and Signaling Circuit Emulation 
  • CEP Advanced Management Module
IP Tube VF 4-Wire E&M CEP Product Image


9" (L) x 7.3” (W) x 1.50” (H)


The IPTube VF 4W E&M CEP has balanced 4-Wire 600 ohm Voice Frequency interfaces that utilize a PCM CODEC to convert Analog Voice Band into Digital for transport over Ethernet packet services. This conversion facilitates the interconnection of Voice Band communications over cost effective and ubiquitous Ethernet based LAN/WAN/MAN wired and wireless network services such as MPLS, xDSL, Cable Modem and 4G/LTE.

The IPTube VF 4W VF E&M CEP has one to four E&M balanced 4-Wire 600 ohm Voice Frequency interfaces with signaling such as Push to Talk Relay transfer. A PCM CODEC converts Analog Voice Band into Digital for transportover Ethernet packet services.

IP-Tube VF 4-Wire E&M Over IP Diagram

4-Wire Analog to IP Converter

4-Wire leased line analog networks interconnect VoiceBand Communications for Utilities, Municipalities and Public Safety Agencies. Cost and availability issues with these copper telephone lines make finding transport alternatives a priority.  Converting VoiceBand interfaces to packet data is a cost effective and easy to implement alternative.

IP•Tube VF 4W VF E&M CEP Standard Features

Dual LAN Interfaces

All IPTube VF 4W VF E&M CEP models ship with dual 10/100 BaseT Ethernet LAN ports. The dual Ethernet interfaces provide for:

  • Management interface on LAN port 2 when LAN port 1 is connected to a VPN tunnel
  • Protector Option: Redundant Packet Path connections with Constant or Switch Over Criteria

Assured Delivery Protocol

In order to assure high quality communications over links with intermittent or noisy performance, such as Wireless, the IPTube VF employs Engage’s robust Assured Delivery Protocol with the following benefits:

  • Packet out of sequence detection and re-sequencing
  • Duplicate skipping
  • Lost packet retransmissions with configured delay

IP•Tube CEP Management

IP•Tube CEPs isolate management and data plane functionality with the use of two separate processor modules. Management processor access is limited to SSH or SNMPv3 encrypted sessions that employ AES256 bit keys and sophisticated NIST passwords. These sessions may be established after authentication via TACACS+ or Radius.
The independent Linux based management plane of the IP•Tube CEP ensures Critical Infrastructure Data is isolated from management network access. The Management Module uses internal serial ports to connect to the Data Plane processor.

Administration and User Logs are available with Syslog.

CEP management security features include:

• Administrative policies for addingremovingdisabling and renaming authorized users; limiting user access to assigned commands; and enabling only desired port numbers.

• User authentication directly or in conjunction with TACACS+ or RADIUS servers including RSA SecureID support for two factor trusted compliance.

• An SSH command interface encrypting management traffic with powerful 256 bit symmetric keys and NIST based passwords.

• Support of the SNMPv3 protocol for secure connectivity to SNMP element managers.

• In addition, administrative accounting data can be reported to syslog servers with accurate timestamps provided by an NTP source.

IP•Tube VF 4W VF E&M CEP Optional Features

Protector OPTION -PRO
The protector option utilizes the second LAN interface as a redundant path for the interconnection of the IP encapsulated VoiceBand. The extension of the VoiceBand has a fault tolerant link that is configured to always on, or with switch over criteria.


Public Safety Radio Tower Wireline Audio over Packet Networks
MTR2000 MTR3000 EDACS over IP Ethernet MPLS

A primary application for the IP•Tube VF 4W E&M CEP is the conversion of Voice Grade circuit interfaces, that connect Public Safety Radio Base Stations to concentrator hubs, into packets. The IP•Tube VF 4W E&M CEP employs high resolution Analog to Digital circuitry that maintains the quality of the original audio signal.

The packetized Voice Band communication can be sercurely transported over Ethernet Packet services such as: xDSL, Cable, Cellular 2/3/4G LTE, MPLS, & WiFi

2-Way Radio Wireline Audio Transport Over Packet Networks Diagram

The IP•Tube VF 4W E&M CEP interfaces directly to the 4 wire analog interface of the 4 Wire Wireline interface of a Radio Basestation, such as MTR2000 / MTR3000 / EDACS, facilitating the use of Ethernet / IP / MPLS networks to backhaul Analog Radio Tower locations.


Supported LAN Network Interface
  • Two 10/100BaseT Full/Half Ethernet

LAN Network Protocols Supported
  • 9" (L) x 7.3” (W) x 1.50” (H)
  • 0° to 132° F (-10° to 50°C ) operating temperature
  • Up to 90% operating humidity (non-condensing)
  • CE
  • Safety -IEC60950
  • EMC - CFR 47 Part 15 Sub Part B: 2002, EN55022: 1994 + A1 & A2, EN55024, ICES-003 1997, CISPR 22 Level A
  • Telecom TBR12, TBR13
  • Secure Socket Shell - SSH V2
  • Telnet support with Edit and Paste Template Files
  • Console Port for Out of Band Management
  • SNMP V3 Public and Private MIB support with configured traps
  • Syslog with NTP Time Stamping
  • Centralized Authentication, Authorization and Accounting - TACACS+, RADIUS, Two Factor Authentication
  • Local Loop, Remote Loop
  • 12-30 VDC, 1.0A
  • Optional -48V 0.25 Amp
  • Screw Locking Connector
  • Universal Adapter 100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Hot Standby
4-Wire Analog VF Voice Grade Interface
  • One to Four: 4-Wire Full Duplex with PTT Relay Support, independent Transmit and Receive
  • 600 Ohm Balanced
  • Frequency 200 to 3400 Hert
Quality of Service Support
  • IP Type of Service (TOS) 
  • IANA Registered UDP Port 3175
  • 802.1p/q mac level prioritization

Ordering Information

Chassis Slot Card: IP-Tube VF 4-Wire E&M CEP

Rack Mount & Power Supply Options:

BlackGate RS232 Rear
BlackGate RS232 Rear

Part No.



Stand Alone: IP•Tube VF 4-Wire E&M CEP Analog over IP, *Note: x = Specified # of Voice Frequency Ports (1 to 4)


Chassis Slot Card: IP•Tube VF 4-Wire E&M CEP, *Note: x = Specified # of  Voice Frequency Ports (2 or 4)

Optional Feature

Optional Feature


Protector Option, Faul Tolerant Nerwork Interconnect. The protector option utilizes the second LAN interface as a redundant path for the interconnection of the IP encapsulated VF data. The extension of the VF has a fault tolerant link that is configured to always on, or with switch over criteria.

Power Supply Options

Power Supply Options


90-220 VAC Universal International/Domestic Adapter


DUAL REDUNDANT, 90-220 VAC Adapter


Internal Power Module, -48 VDC Screw Terminals


DUAL REDUNDANT, -48 VDC Screw Terminals


WIREDC Option, +24 VDC Screw Terminals



Rack Mount Options

Rack Mount Options


Rack Mount Kit - for single 7" products (Fits both 19" and 23" racks)


2 unit 19" x 1RU Rack Mount Kit for 7" products




Right Angle Wall Mount Bracket Kit

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