Critical Connectivity Daemon 

Government and Commercial organizations are heavily dependent upon the uninterrupted operation of their Voice, Data and Video systems. The need to do whatever it takes to keep the vital systems fully operational is a primary objective. 
Critical Infrastructure
Critical infrastructure is defined as the collection of public and private services that are essential to sustain government, provide for a safe living environment, maintain day-to-day business, and secure a prosperous economy. They include both public and private enterprise services such as: government operations, banking and finance, telecommunications, emergency services, gas and oil, electric and energy, water, and transportation. Presidential Directive 63

Engage has solutions for critical infrastructure connectivity assurance that utilize a "Guardian Spirit"* with Multi-Circuit and Multi-Technology "powers" to exercise every available option to keep the Voice, Video or Data systems fully operational.

• Deliver on Stringent Service Level Agreements
• Back Up for Mission Critical Connectivity
• Disaster Recovery for Public Safety Networks


Target Market
Engage's sophisticated Critical Connectivity Solutions are targeted at the Voice, Video and Data requirements of Government Agencies, Multi-site Corporations and Organizations in many different industries including:
• Defense • Emergency Services
• Telecommunication • Financial Services
• Oil and Gas • Electric Power
• Transportation • Water

Multi-Circuit Protection Switching

Engage's critical connectivity solution incorporates a protection switch with 3 or 4 T1/E1 interfaces. The third and fourth are used for intelligent switching to a Secondary or Tertiary circuit.


Conversion of the circuit to packets facilitates the utilization of data networks for backup. Engage's critical connectivity solutions have 2 LAN interfaces that are independent Internet Protocol routeable to alternatively back up the critical circuit by extending it over a packet networks such as:


LANs • WANs • xDSL • MANs • Satellite • Wireless


AES Circuit Encryption
Engage has AES Circuit and Packet Encryption that optionally is employed to prevent interception and disruption of public or private communication channels used by critical information systems.

Automated key management configurations ensure timely key transitions and eliminate the operational and maintenance costs of managing an encrypted network with manual key distribution.
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