PBX over IP

Engage IPTube T1/E1 ECANs, the Circuit Emulation solution with integrated Echo Cancellation, are proven economical solutions for PBX interconnectivity over Packet networks. Enterprises eliminate the Voice Leased Line Toll charges assessed by long distance and local carriers by transporting their PBX connections across IP and Ethernet LANs, WANs and MANs.

Don't forklift upgrade to VoIP to eliminate leased line costs!


Channel Bank Over IP Ethernet

IPTube T1/E1s converts a channel bank's T1/E1 interface into IP packets. The FXS and FXO interfaces require echo cancellation when the Ethernet packet Jitter exceeds 10 milliseconds. Engage integrated an Echo Cancellation DSP into the IPTubeDLT1/E1-ECAN and the IPTubeGT1/E1-ECAN to facilitate the interconnection of Channel Banks across real world packet connections. Modem and FAX connections are transparently supported.

IPTube's Echo Cancellation provides the elasticity to support Echo Free Voice connections across networks with packet jitter.