E1 WAN Link Protector


Perseverant and Secure Voice, Video, & Data Connectivity

Engage's SynAPS-E1 delivers critical infrastructure connectivity assurance that utilizes a “Guardian Spirit” with Multi-Circuit and Multi-Technology “powers” to exercise every available option to keep the Voice, Video or Data systems fully operational. The SynAPS-E1s is targeted at the Critical Infrastructure connectivity requirements of Government Agencies, Multi-site Corporations and Organizations in many different sectors of the economy.
Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is defined as the collection of public and private services that are essential to sustain government, provide for a safe living environment, maintain day-to-day business, and secure a prosperous economy. They include both public and private enterprise services such as:

Defense & Defence Contractors 
Emergency Services & 911 Public Safety Dispatch Centers
Telecommunications Providers 
Natural Gas & Electric Power Utility Companies
Oil and Gas Companies 
Banking & Financial Services Institutions
Transportation Agencies 

Multi-Faceted E1 Circuit Protection

SynAPS-E1 is a Multi-Faceted protection switch with 4 E1 and 2 Ethernet interfaces. The third and fourth E1s are used for intelligently switching the Primary to a Secondary or Tertiary circuit.

Circuit Extension Over Packet Networks

The SynAPS-E1's  conversion of the circuit to packets facilitates the utilization of data networks for backup over 2 Independent LAN interfaces that are routable over packet networks such as:
LANs WANs xDSL MANs Satellite Wireless

Encryption Method
The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is utilized by the SynAPS-E1  to protect electronic data. The AES algorithm is a symmetric block cipher that encrypts and decrypts information. AES is a FIPS approved symmetric encryption algorithm that may be used by U.S. Government organizations (and others) to protect sensitive information.


Key Management

Automated key management configurations ensure timely key transitions and eliminate the operational and maintenance costs of managing an encrypted network with manual key distribution.


Proven Interoperability

The SynAPS-E1  interface has over a decade of proven interoperability with the full range of E1 communication equipment including:
  • WAN Bridges and Routers
  • PBX Trunks
  • Video Codecs
  • Voice and Data Multiplexers
  • Cellular Base Stations
  • Echo Canceller 
    The SynAPS-E1  has an integrated E1 Echo Canceller that cancels up to 64 milliseconds of Far End echo. The echo canceller meets ITU-T G.164, G.165 and ITU-T G.168 requirements for echo cancellation.
Echo Cancellation Module Option

Echo Canceller 
The SynAPS-E1 -Ecan is a module that has an integrated E1 Echo Canceller option that cancels up to 64 milliseconds of Far End echo. The echo canceller meets ITU-T G.164, G.165 and ITU-T G.168 requirements for echo cancellation.

Echo Cancellation becomes a requirement for Circuits that are extended over IP networks when the round trip packet delay between the end points exceeds 25 milliseconds.

Lossless Data Compression Option

The SynAPS-E1 -C continuously detects idle and redundant data within each E1 Voice circuit resulting in as much as a 40 to 1 bandwidth savings.
TDM over IP WAN bandwidth is not consumed by silent or redundant circuits. 

Note: Compression only supported with SynAPS-E1 -Cmodels.

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