Ethernet Encryption

Packet Encryption products designed to make private networks really private. Our BlackDoor Ethernet Encryptor enables enterprises to add AES security to Ethernet packet interfaces without having to disrupt their network edge hardware with upgrades, reconfiguration and add-on encryption accelerators.

The BlackDoor envelopes Ethernet network segments in an AES Hardened Protective Shield. Access to the devices on the secured network's Computers, Work Stations, File Servers and Networked Devices such as Printers, Phone Systems requires a 256 bit AES key which is 10  to the 77th power of combinations.

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BlackDoor MultiPoint

The customers for Engage products come from all over the world, market segments including:

  • Telecommunication and Internet Service Providers
  • Cellular Service Providers
  • Multi-site Enterprises
  • Education District Networking
  • Military: Navy, Air Force, Marines
  • Television Broadcaster
  • National, Provincial, Federal, State, Local Governments and Agencies
  • Municipalities