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Engage Delivers SS7 to SIGTRAN Protocol Converter to VOIP Service Provider


Aptos, CA. – September 6th, 2006: Engage Communication’s IPTube GT1 SS7 MON, with the –SNIFoption, is utilized by an international VOIP service provider to tap into the T1 monitor ports of their VOIP Gateways for non-intrusive protocol conversion of SS7 signaling into SIGTRAN Ethernet packets.


Real-time Remote and Off-Line SS7 Signaling Analysis 
The VOIP service provider captures and analyzes SS7 Message Signal Units and Link Status Signal Units in real-time and records entire traffic or filtered traffic into a trace file that is configured to backup automatically each 24 hour period. The recorded trace file is then analyzed offline and exported into formats that are readable by industry standard SS7 protocol analyzers. The –SNIF option enables decoding, with Originating and Destination Point Code sorting, of SS7’s protocol messages such as: MTP2, MTP3, ISUP, BICC, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, INAP, CAP/CAMEL, WIN, BSSAP, BSMAP and DTAP.


Ethernet Sniffers with SS7 Over IP SIGTRAN packet decoders, such as Ethereal, provide for a very cost effective SS7 protocol Analyzer that is utilized for: Surveillance, Call Detail Records processing, Real-Time Signaling Network Monitor, Traffic Monitor and Analysis, Alarm management, Fraud Detection, Billing Verification, Revenue Assurance and Protocol Analysis, Call Tracing and Decoding.


“The –SNIF option enables our customers to create very cost effective SS7 protocol analyzers.” according to Mark Doyle, Engage Communication President. “Engage’s SS7 Over IP product line is also available with E1, RS530 and V.35 interfaces.”


Remote SS7 Probes for SS7 Protocol Analyzer 
The IPTube GT1 SS7 MONs facilitates the analysis of remote Telecom Switches over IP networks. A single centralized SS7 Protocol Analyzer is able to analyze a multi-site network of Telecom switches whose T1 SS7 communications are being probed. The SS7 protocol analyzer expertise is only required at a Central location.


The IPTube GT1 SS7 MON has from 1 to 4 T1 interfaces that have the sensitivity, -36dB, to be connected to high impedance T1 Monitor jacks. The 4 T1 interface configuration provides for the simultaneous monitoring of the SS7 Signaling Units from Tandem Telco Switches. SS7 Signaling units are sent out four separate T1 interfaces or multiplexed onto a single T1 interface to the SS7 Protocol Analyzer.


About Engage Communication : Founded in 1989, Engage enables Enterprises, Government agencies, Armed Forces, and Telecommunications service providers to Encrypt their Ethernet Networks, Wide Area Network Circuits and totake advantage of the lower costs and flexibility available with IP/Ethernet transport while preserving their investment in premises equipment such as PBXs, Cellular Base Stations, Telecom Switches, Voice & Data Multiplexers, Routers, Video/Audio Codecs, and Type 1 Encryptors .


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