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Engage Communication Announces Support for HDLC Over IP

APTOS, Calif., September 9, 2003 - 
Engage Communication Inc.incorporates the HDLC Over IP protocol into the IPTube product line. WAN Protocols, such as PPP and Frame Relay, that utilize HDLC framing are encapsulated within IP packets for transport via Broadband IP services such as Wireless Ethernet, Metropolitan Area Networks, Gigagbit Ethernet, and IP satellite services.


One of the most common layer 2 protocols is HDLC. In fact, many other common layer 2 protocols are heavily based on HDLC, particularly the framing structure of HDLC: namely, PPP, Frame Relay, Cisco HDLC, SDLC, SS#7, AppleTalk, LAPB, and LAPD.


IPTubes with HDLCoIP connect to the leased line interface, V.35/RS530/T1/E1, of an Enterprise's WAN Router and encapsulate the HDLC frames into an IP Packet that is sent to the remote site IPTube where it is presented to the remote WAN router as the original HDLC frame. Enterprises are able to connect to broadband IP services through their existing proven WAN infrastructure. Internal Ethernet networks remain isolated and security services such as Firewalling are maintained.


Broadband Service providers are able to transport Enterprise Wide Area Network connections with inband management of the Committed Information Rates. Service providers regulate the Committed Information bandwidth with NX64k resolution. IPTubes connect to the synchronous serial DTE interface of WAN equipment with very flexible clocking. The IP Tunnel can also be utilized as a secondary path for fault tolerant mission critical applications.


"IP Tubes with HDLC Over IP enables interconnection of WAN networks over very cost effective and no cost Broadband services" said Mark Doyle, Engage Communication President."We are especially intrigued with the Multi-point Wireless implementations that supplant Frame Relay networks."


Engage IPTube models:

IPTube T1 
IPTube E1
IPTube RS530
IPTube V.35


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