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Engage Delivers Hybrid Circuit Emulation

Nationwide Mobile Service Provider achieves maintainable Fault Tolerance while reducing OPEX

Aptos, CA. – February 19, 2009: Engage Communication, a leader in T1/E1/T3/E3 circuit to packet conversion and backhaul is delivering a Hybrid version of the IPTube GT1/GE1 for Cellular BaseStation Backhaul applications.

The IPTube Hybrid version enables a Nationwide Mobile service provider to augment their Base Station’s T1 WAN bandwidth with additional low cost T1 over Metro Broadband Ethernet while maintaining their ability to utilize traditional TDM circuit diagnostic tools.

The Mobile service provider’s Base Stations utilize Multilink Point to Point Protocol for Wide Area connection to the Base Station Controller.  MLPPP uses the generic synchronous serial Layer 2 protocol HDLC for framing.

HDLC over IP/Ethernet and TDM over IP/Ethernet are the two Hybrid circuit emulation modes of IPTube GT1/GE1.  TDM Over IP encapsulates every bit of the selected DS0 timeslots of the T1 frames into IP packets.  The HDLC over IP mode transparently encapsulates the HDLC frames into IP packets which minimize the bandwidth required and eliminates the need for Ethernet Jitter buffering or clock synchronicity.              

Hybrid mode detects TDM diagnostic loop codes in the T1 or E1 circuit and automatically changes the mode of operation to transmit full DS0 bit streams encapsulated in IP/Ethernet or to revert to HDLC encapsulation. This feature, unique to the IPTube GT1/GE1, enables traditional BERT equipment to be used to diagnose potential issues in the TDM infrastructure at the far end of an encapsulated circuit reducing truck rolls and speeding time to repair.

Hybrid IPTube protocol is transparent to the tester.  Configuration of the IPTube GT1/GE1determines how it will respond to local and remote loop up/down codes.  No additional training is required of the test personnel to initiate or terminate test pattern diagnostics.
“The additional bandwidth facilitates growth in voice and data services along with creating a fault tolerant connection that employs a cost effective IP or Ethernet service provider.  The low latency of HDLC over IP enables the concurrent use of MLPPP T1 circuits with emulated circuits.” said Mark Doyle Engage President. 

IP Tube GT1

IP Tube GE1

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