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Ethernet Encryptor Paints Red Doors Black

Engage’s BlackDoor Encrypts Intranet, Internet and the full spectrum of Wireless WANs

Aptos, CA. – May 17 th, 2006: Engage Communication announced today the availability of the BlackDoor, a high performance sophisticated FIPS 140 compliant Advanced Encryption Standard Ethernet Encryptor that hides Ethernet networks behind a Stealthy Shield.

The BlackDoor Ethernet Encryptor meets the new security requirements and reduces overall network complexity for the:

• Department of Defense
• Armed Forces: Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines
• Homeland Security
• National, State and Local Governments 
• Public Safety Networks 
• Multi-Site Commercial Enterprises
• Banking and Financial Institutions
• Health Care Providers
• Critical Infrastructure

 The BlackDoor protects the confidentiality and integrity of Ethernet networks with the strongest commercially available cryptography. The BlackDoor Ethernet Encryptor, which supports Point to Point and Multi-point information assurance configurations with unique dynamic keys, is specifically designed for real time traffic across Wired LANs and the full spectrum of Wireless WAN technologies including: Free Space Optics, licensed and unlicensed Radios.

The BlackDoor transparently encrypts Ethernet networks. Ethernet Voice, Video or Data packets that are destined for a device located on a remote network or a different local network segment are 256 bit AES encrypted at the Link, Network or Transport Layer and then tunneled, bridged or routed to the destination network. At the destination network the packets are decrypted and the original Ethernet packets are securely delivered to the destination Ethernet devices such as Personal Computers, Work Stations, File Servers, Networked Phone Systems, Surveillance and Access Control Systems.

“The BlackDoor has the horsepower to support over 50 Megabits of real time full duplex packet traffic such as that required by High Resolution Video, VOIP, Data Acquisition and Circuit Extension Over IP.” according to Mark Doyle, Engage Communication President. “An intuitive configuration minimizes the magic required to achieve invisibility for entire network segments.”

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