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Engage’s Assured Delivery Protocol Internet Connects Cellular Base Station to Base Station Controller on the other side of Planet Earth

Aptos, CA, April 28th, 2005 Engage Communication enhances Assured Delivery Protocol to facilitate the extension of T1/E1/RS530/V.35 circuits across high latency and lossy connections. Interconnection of a Cellular Base Station in India to a Base Station Controller in the United States over a broadband Internet based connection required increased buffering to accommodate the variations in round trip packet delay and the packet loss feedback loop.

In order to assure that circuits are extended over connections with fault tolerance Engage’s IPTube DL/QT/QE product lines have as a standard capability an Assured Delivery Protocol (ADP) that supports high performance full duplex real time voice and data. The protocol has packet out of sequence detection and re-sequencing, duplicate skipping, and real time lost packet retransmission with configured delay. Additionally duplicate packet transmission provides redundancy.

“Assured Delivery Protocol is ready for inter planetary connectivity deployments.” Said Mark Doyle Engage Communication President, “Expansion into the solar system is now possible.”

The interconnection of T1/E1/RS530 and V.35 connection via qualified Internet connections has a return on investment that can be as close to printing your own money as you will find.

Engage’s ADP was initially developed to facilitate connectivity of T1/E1 circuits from Cellular Base Stations to Base Station Controllers across Broadband Over Power Line, which has a significant number of drop packets.

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