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Engage Introduces Reduced Cost, Small Footprint TDM to IP Converter with Built-In Ethernet Switch.
Engage UNO provides an energy efficient, low power solution for both wired and wireless IP backhaul installations.


Aptos, CA. – July 22, 2008: Engage Communication, a leader in TDM conversion and backhaul is announcing the latest version of T1/E1 to Ethernet/IP interface products. The Engage IPTube UNO T1 and IPTube UNO E1 are next generation products that are 1/3 the size of traditional standalone IP interface products. The UNO is designed in an enclosure that measures 4" X 6" X 1.5” (1U) and can provide up to 4 Ethernet ports per unit. The UNO also addresses the need for a more energy efficient TDM to IP interface. The UNO is one of the lowest power products meeting industry standards for network interconnection and IP backhaul. The unit can provide interfaces for many legacy TDM installations including PBXs, cellular base stations, telecom switching equipment, satellite or radio interfaces. The UNO supports all signaling options including PRI ISDN, SS7, ESF, SLC-96, CCIS, out of band and robbed bit signaling. The UNO is remotely manageable either via secure Telnet or SNMP. Secure Socket Shell (SSH) delivers encrypted communications between SSH clients and the UNO Management interface.


The UNO is a low power solution for IP conversion of communication interfaces. Primary applications would certainly include cellular backhaul, but is no means limited to just conversion of mobile services. The UNO is perfect for PBX trunk conversion, for communication network installations such as public safety, transport or other government private networks, and for adaptation of Metro-Ethernet networks to interface to existing TDM connections. The small footprint, lows power and low cost make the UNO an exceptional choice for embedded solutions, tower and pole mount or transportable applications.


The Four (4) port Ethernet switch is an option available on the UNO that can provide Ethernet QOS with up to 4 priority queues. The Ethernet switch functionality is a major plus to mobile operators as they move to upgrade their existing circuits to 3G and 4G services. A rate limiting capability built into the switch means that available bandwidth can be allocated to T1 or E1 circuits for voice backhaul or can be reserved as 3G and 4G data usage increases. The Ethernet switch provides such advanced features as 802.1p/IPv4/IPv6 traffic classification, full IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, RMON, Port Monitoring and Level 2 Firewall. The switch option permits the user to configure the UNO to provide traffic sharing, load balancing or a fully redundant, alternative path for interconnection of the IP encapsulated T1/E1 data. The UNO can be used as a virtual DACS to map DSOs from the TDM circuit to as many as 24/30 remote locations via the IP/Ethernet interfaces.


The UNO is designed on a flexible, software configurable architecture. The unit can be software adapted as T1 or E1 and remotely configured to provide balanced load or alternative path configurations. The flexible configuration architecture and small board size also means the UNO can be integrated into existing communication equipment to provide IP access as the network grows from a legacy TDM solution to an advanced IP data network communication configuration.


The key advantages of the Engage UNO are:


  • Smallest footprint for TDM to IP conversion
  • Low POWER ‘footprint’ per IP interface
  • Secure Communication (Telnet/SNMP) with SSH
  • Full SNMP management GET/SET and TRAP
  • Flexible software design for easy feature upgrades and field installs (both T1/E1)
  • Up to 4 addressable Ethernet ports per unit with built-in Ethernet switch
  • Virtual DACS capability for auto-assignment of DSO per IP address
  • Increased ROI potential when upgrading legacy networks to total data architecture


“Engage’s customers are becoming more concerned about power issues, especially in cellular tower environments. The need to convert legacy voice circuits to IP for backhaul at remote locations requires engineering evaluation of existing power sources and has created a need for more energy efficient installations.” said Mark Doyle Engage President.  “The Engage IPTube UNO is designed to not only reduce the hardware footprint per base station but to also significantly reduce the power footprint per T1 or E1 circuit interface.


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