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Engage Communication's IPExpressQT1 Enables Broadcasters to Transport MPEG Video From Studio to Teleport for Nationwide Satellite TV Program Delivery


NAB Las Vegas, NV., April 20, 2004 
Engage Communication's IP
Express QT1 an Inverse Packet Multiplexes four T1 circuits that MPEG Encoders utilize to deliver Broadcast Video with 6 Megabits of near Contribution quality.


"Adtec is excited about the QT1 and the backhaul market opportunities it creates with our edje-2xxx MPEG 2 RTE and edje-1xxx MPEG 2 decoders," Adtec President, Kevin Ancelin, said."We use Engage's single and dual T1 models with great success for the distribution segment. The contribution segment now has an affordable broadcast quality solution with the QT1."


Adtec, located at NAB booth C10917, will feature the IPExpressQT1-IPM solution with Adtec MPEG products.


The IPExpress QT1 is a high performance, bandwidth scalable, IP WAN router with 4 T1 ports offering a standards-based inverse multiplexing (N x T1) capability. The 4 T1 ports are able to connect to 4 remote locations or to be N x T1 inverse packet multiplexed to a remote location from 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps.


MPEG IP Multicast Streaming Video Delivery
IP Multicast is a standard feature of the IPExpress QT1 and is utilized to distribute MPEG video simultaneously to multiple decoders.


MPEG IP Video Redundancy Switch
REDundant IP Video configuration automatically switches from the Primary to a Secondary Encoder's IP Video Stream for mission critical broadcasts and is available with the IPExpress QT1 RED. A one second absence of IP packets from the Primary Encoder results in the switch to the Secondary Encoder.


"Engage is focused on the MPEG video transport market" said President Mark Doyle."The REDundancy option combined with support for IP Multicast addresses the Broadcast Industry's demand for "Always On" service delivery."


Engage also manufactures the IPExpress QE1, an E1 version.


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Adtec Digital is the world's leading manufacturer of MPEG2-based digital video players, single channel commercial insertion controllers and automated video control systems. For more information about Adtec and their products, visit



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