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Engage Communication's Central Office T1 Over IP Solution Deployed by Cellular Service Providers and Nationwide MSO

APTOS, Calif., March 23, 2004 - Engage Communication's IPTube QT1 provides service providers, enterprises, and government agencies with a very cost effective, Central Office solution for interconnecting T1 based Telecommunication equipment from one to four remote sites over LANS, WANS, MANs, Satellite, and Wireless Ethernet.

Cellular Service providers have deployed the IPTube Q1-C for interconnecting Cellular Base Stations to Base Station Controllers over an IP interconnect. An international Service provider is saving over $5,000 per month per link. The IPTube QT1 -C model, with integrated lossless compression of 56 to 1, minimizes the committed information rate required from their IP WAN service provider.

A major nationwide MSO is interconnecting Telecommunication switches across their HFC network with IPTube QT1s. The MSO is positioned to compete with incumbent carriers for a major piece of the lucrative T1 leased line service with a solution that works at the T1 frame level which provides for transparent interoperability with legacy PBXs.

"The success of the IPTube QT1 product is the direct result of high quality customer feedback." said Mark Doyle President."The platform utilized by the IPTubeQT1, which encompasses 15 years of networking and telecommunication expertise, positions Engage as a Central Office solution provider."
The IPTube QT1 is available with one to four T1 interfaces and a 10/100 BaseT Full/Half Duplex Ethernet Interface. The T1 interfaces have configurations that provide for independent protocol, compression, packet sizing, buffering, clocking, framing, coding and channel settings. The protocols supported are IPTube, CESoIP, and HDLCoIP.
Engage also manufactures the IPTube QE1, an E1 version. In transparent mode the E1 is able to interoperate with the T1 tubes.

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