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Engage Communication Doubles Echo Cancellation Capacity of Voice Circuit Emulation Solution

Aptos, CA. – October 20, 2010:
Engage Communication a leading provider of circuit emulation, circuit protection and encryption solutions announced the immediate availability of the 4 portIPTube G series with Echo Cancellation. Available as a stand-alone solution or slot-card for the 15 slot CHUB-E chassis, this solution offers from 4 to 60 T1 / E1 ports of Echo Cancellation for circuit emulation applications.

Echo Cancellation is a must for many voice based circuit emulation applications due to delays encountered because of packetization and network based packet jitter. “Engage’s IPTubes with integrated Echo Cancellation have made it possible for organizations to realize the cost saving benefits of Circuit Emulation over real packet networks.” said Mark Doyle Engage's President.  “If you are not employing an underutilized network interconnect with sub millisecond packet jitter and delay then Echo Cancellation is mandatory for PBX, Channel Bank or Voice switch circuit over packet applications.”

Engage has responded to the increased demand for transporting TDM based voice traffic over IP and Ethernet networks by doubling the Echo Cancellation capacity in the same compact footprint, The new 4 portIPTube G with Echo Cancellation is based on Engage Communication's proven technology and has already been delivered to a major international MSO for backhauling their business customer’s PBX E1 circuits over their hybrid cable infrastructure.  

The IPTube GT1/GE1-Ecan encapsulates 4 full or fractional T1/E1 circuits into IP packets. T1/E1 Circuit over IP packet connections provide for the interconnection of PBXs and Telecom Switches via wired and wireless packet networks.  Engage’s Chassis solution, CHUB-E, accommodates 15 IPTube GE1-Ecans with 4 E1s for a total of 60 E1s in a 5U 19 inch rack.





Echo Cancellation 
The IPTube GT1/GE1-Ecan four independent integrated T1/E1 Echo Cancellers cancel up to 64 milliseconds of Far End echo.  The Echo Canceller DSP detects and cancels echo at the far end so that the interconnecting packet’s network delay and jitter has no impact on echo.  The echo canceller meets ITU-T G.164, G.165 and ITU-T G.168 requirements for echo cancellation.

Echo is one of the most important factors that affect voice quality. The primary source of echo is the impedance mismatch at the hybrid that links a 2-wire analog loop to a 4-wire digital trunk.  Echo Cancellation is essential for T1/E1 circuit emulation that involves voice connections to the PSTN and delay in excess of 20 milliseconds. Packet networks that traverse an intranet or Internet backbone can easily exceed 20 milliseconds. The IPTube's Echo Cancellation provides the elasticity to support high quality voice connections across networks with significant delay and packet jitter.

The primary purpose of T1/E1 Circuit Over Packet technology is to reduce or ideally eliminate T1/E1 leased circuit charges.  For an enterprise utilizing their existing intranet for this application is very compelling.  Typically these intranets already handle a very demanding load with significant packet jitter.  The IPTube's Echo Cancellation has jitter buffering greater than 100 milliseconds which is more than enough for the majority of intranets and beyond the signaling delay tolerance of PBXes, Channel Banks or Voice Switches.

Choosing Wireless Ethernet for the transport of T1/E1 Circuit Emulation is very popular since the circuit lease charges are eliminated.  Commercial Off the Shelf Wireless Ethernet radios do not perform well with full duplex T1/E1 circuit emulation packet traffic that is configured to keep the round trip less than 20 milliseconds.  The IPTube's Echo Cancellation has the elasticity (Jitter Buffering and reduced Packet Frequency) to support the use of Wireless Ethernet for T1/E1 Circuit Emulation.

Engage Communication, founded in 1989, has ROHS compliant solutions that enable organizations to route, bridge, encrypt, and auto protect Voice/Video/Data Networks and to take advantage of the lower costs and flexibility associated with Packet transport while preserving their investment in Circuit based premises equipment such as: PBXs, Phone Switches, Voice and Data Multiplexers, Video and Audio Codecs, and Encryptors...


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