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Engage Communication Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary


Aptos, CA - September 8th, 2004


Engage Communication, Inc., a leading providing of premium networking and communications solutions, celebrated its 15th anniversary this month. The company founded in 1989, is dedicated to the development and marketing of innovative, high performance networking and communication solutions.
When founded, the company developed routers for wide area networking, providing support for a variety of LAN and WAN protocols. 
The IPExpress LAN/WAN routers continue to occupy an important part in the company’s development and sales efforts. The IPTube line, providing transport of legacy interfaces and protocols over IP, which was introduced five years ago, represents a growing segment of company sales. An upswing in IPTube orders in the past year has dramaticallystrengthened the company's prospects and driven an aggressive program of feature improvements and new models.
Engage's President Mark Doyle, attribute
s the company’s longevity and success to its responsiveness to customer requirements. “The company has a history of providingpurpose-built solutions in response to customer demand. The SyncSatellite products, developed for the distance learning market and customized with audio-subcarrier transport, provided a significant portion of the company’s early sales. And the IP-Tube products, including the TDM over IP systems, were introduced in direct response to requests from an international customer seeking to transport T1 Circuits over less costly IP connections.”


For over 15 years Engage customers have relied on the company to provide networking solutions that focus on the dynamic evolution taking place within the Circuit Based, Time Division Multiplexing and the EthernetIP networking environments. Engage Communication has established itself as a profitable company with proven products targeted at substantial and growing markets. 


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