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Engage Announces the IPExpress Series of WAN Routers

APTOS, Calif., May 6, 1996 - The Engage IPExpress is a low-cost, high-performance WAN router that is designed for the Internet Access and Branch Office segment of the networking Market. It is designed for users that only require routing of the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

The IPExpress supports data rates from 56 Kbps to 2.048 Mbps via Frame Relay or PPP on RS232/RS530/V.35 synchronous serial data ports and comes with standard Ethernet connectors for both 10BaseT (Twisted Pair) and 10Base2 (ThinNet) LANs.

Pricing for the product line is:

IPExpress  WAN Router with a serial interface....................$995.-

There are 3 Telco interface optioned models that provide a "one-unit" solution for LAN/WAN installations:

IPExpress *56 with 56Kbps DSU/CSU.....................$1,395.-
IPExpress *T1 with T1/FracT1 DSU/CSU.................$1,795.-
IPExpress *E1 with E1/FracE1 CSU/DSU................$1,995.-

The combination of the Telco interface with the router enables Engage to:

 Offer a complete, "one-unit" single vendor LAN to WAN solution in a modem size enclosure for 56k, Fractional T1, full T1, or E1.

 Dramatically simplify installation and support

of these installations.Telco option cards are configured using a single screen.

The T1/Fractional T1 CSU/DSU supports ESF/D4 Framing; B8ZS/AMI Data Format; Fractional T1 - one to twenty four DSO channels; and LoopUp/LoopDown code generation and detection.

Bill Woodcock, president of Zocalo Engineering - a well known Internet Service Provider - says, "The ease of installation and support has made Engage routers a standard for Zocalo. We are looking forward to deploying the cost effective IP*Express to customer locations that only require IP. The integration of the fractional T1 CSU/DSU makes it possible for us to increase the bandwidth of a customer's T1 Internet access connection without having to go on-site."

The IPExpress ships with EngageView management software for Windows (3.x/95/NT), UNIX, and the Macintosh.EngageView has concise configuration and status menu windows that enable non-networking professionals to manage the product. The router also includes Telnet and SNMP management interfaces.

"The monthly charges for Local Access for T1 & Fractional T1 are expected to plummet. Engage is ready to serve the needs of its customers as they take advantage of the combination of a radical change in the cost of interconnecting at 1,536,000 bps (T1), and the explosive demand for high performance Internet Access for users and Web Servers. These new products also allow our customers to upgrade their Branch Office interconnections." says Mark Doyle, President of Engage.

Engage Communication, incorporated in September 1989, develops, manufactures, sells and supports a range of wide area networking, file transfer, and data broadcasting solutions. Designed for both simplicity and performance, Engage solutions are widely used in Publishing, Education, Internet Access, Advertising, Telemedicine, and many other Corporate, Government and small Business applications.

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