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Engage Communication Announces Abis Optimization Solution to Improve Cellular Backhaul Efficiency

Reduces GSM Mobile Backhaul Capex and Opex With up to 3:1 Improvement in Backhaul Circuit Capacity

Aptos, CA. – December 16, 2009:

Engage Communication today introduced the IPTube G4 Abis addressing one of the leading challenges facing mobile service providers; efficient and cost effective backhaul in the face of increasing voice and data usage. The IPTube G4 Abis optimizes cell site 3GPP Abis traffic prior to transmission over backhaul links, reducing bandwidth consumed by existing traffic while creating more backhaul capacity without additional network investment.

The IPTube G4 Abis, the latest member of Engage’s proven and widely deployed IPTube product line, provides advanced optimization of 3GPP Abis traffic for efficient and cost effective GSM Cellular Base Station backhaul.  Its Powerful and flexible Field Programmable Gate Array based Abis engine provides for the simultaneous full duplex optimization of 512 TRAU sub channels. The IPTube G4 Abis transports the optimized Basestation traffic over a WAN Circuit or as TDM over IP packets via wired or wireless Ethernet connections. The unit comes with one to four T1 or E1 interfaces configurable in full or fractional mode and a 4 port Ethernet switch supporting data and TDM over IP networking.

The IPTube G4 Abis optimizer has two modes of operation: Fixed and Dynamic bandwidth. The Fixed bandwidth mode limits the amount of bandwidth to a specific number of 16 kilobit sub channels optimizing the Abis traffic into the available WAN T1/E1 time slots or IP packet bandwidth. The Dynamic Abis optimization mode limits the aggregate IP packet bandwidth.

The major benefit of Abis optimization is significantly reducing backhaul bandwidth requirements by removing redundant traffic such as Silence Indicators, Idle Data and idle sub channels resulting in more capacity for service expansion or support for advanced subscriber applications.

The IPTube G4 Abis is uniquely qualified to provide the most efficient and cost effective backhaul interconnect from BTS to BCS, including:

  • Satellite Backhaul of Mobile Traffic

Satellite Service Providers can efficiently tap into the multi-billion dollar GSM mobile operator backhaul business while economically bringing advanced services and more capacity to remote locations.

  • Cellular Station Backhaul Over Ethernet/IP/MPLS

Along with Abis optimization, service providers can convert TDM to IP for backhaul over economical Ethernet or IP/MPLS networks and migrating to the All IP network of the future.

  • Mobile Base Station Backhaul Over Wireless

Wireless backhaul networks can economically increase the capacity of radio backhaul without increasing cost, achieving improved ROI and new service support.

  • Increase TDM Backhaul Capacity Without Capital Expenditure

With up to 3:1 bandwidth optimization, two or three T1/E1 circuits can be combined onto a single TDM backhaul link permitting increased network capacity without additional cost.

The IPTube G4 Abis supports standard IP Tube features such as Assured Delivery Protocol, IP/MPLS, SNMP management, Secure Socket Shell (SSH), Dynamic DNS and Dynamic Host Configuration and is available today.

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