Are Utilities Prepared for the IP Transition?

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Are Utilities Prepared for the IP Transition?

With the impending end of traditional landline communications that Utilities have relied on for years to control substation assets, utilizes need to find a solution to migrate to packet-based wireless and IP/Ethernet-based network services.

However, many utilities are not fully aware of the IP Network Transition, according to a UTC white paper, IP Network Transitions. Plus, utilities found it difficult to receive credible information from their carriers because the transition differs from carrier to carrier and from service territory to service territory.

Even if Utilities were aware, it turns out telecom managers have found it challenging to crate awareness in senior and executive level management. Also, the IP transition is focused primarily on the effects it will have on residential, small business and public safety, rather than utilities. Because of this general lack of awareness, it may be even more difficult to justify spending increases to upgrade utility networks.

Utilities need to have in a place now to make the IP transition. In the next blog, we will discuss the options available for Utilities.

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