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Engage forms Security Business Unit focused on Appliances for PKI: Authority, Code and Document Signing and Data Encryption applications that require an integrated Hardware Security ModuleE

Aptos, CA – April 7, 2015

Engage, a leading provider of specialized solutions that connect, protect and secure communication networks, announced the formation of a Security Business Unit focused on advanced cryptographic products. Engage Black’s (Black, the industry term for encrypted or ciphertext information) formation coincides with the launch of BlackVault, an advanced hardware security platform that makes Hardware Security Module (HSM) functionality both more secure and easier to use.

The growing sophistication of cyber attackers, both within and outside of organizations, make using general purpose Operating System (OS) / server architectures for the creation, storage and management of cryptographic keys increasingly risky. A risk that is magnified when this architecture is deployed in a cloud environment. HSMs can provide the necessary security and control of cryptographic material, but are often intimidating due to the complexities introduced and the high cost of implementation. The BlackVault, on the other hand, greatly simplifies the incorporation of HSM functionality, and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while keeping cryptographic material safe and secure.  

The BlackVault hardware security platform is available in a variety of application specific appliances for Certificate Authority, Registration Authority, Code Signing, Document Signing and other Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) applications.  As an appliance, the BlackVault securely boots up into the prescribed application and once authenticated, is ready to go. It can also be used in HSM mode where it supports existing HSM applications using traditional APIs (PKCS#11, CAPI/CNG, etc.), and can incorporate custom functionality.

Secure, trusted, and intuitive, the BlackVault combines an integrated Layer 3+ tamper reactive HSM, built-in touch screen display, smart card reader, Ethernet and USB ports, and powerful cryptographic processing engine. Authentication can be performed directly at the BlackVault through the touch screen display and smart card reader, removing the risk of compromise by intermediate parties, software or other devices. M of N authentication and key backup partitioning can be deployed for additional security.

The BlackVault is the newest member of Engage’s “Black” product line, which includes the BlackDoor (Ethernet Encryptors), BlackBond (Circuit Encryptors), and BlackTube (Circuit to Packet Encryptors) solutions. Engage Black products are produced in America and supported Worldwide.

Please contact Engage at 1 877-ENGAGE4 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about the Engage Black business unit, BlackVault hardware security platform, or other members of the “Black” product line.

Engage Black, is the cryptographic business unit of Engage Inc. Founded in 1989, Engage enables organizations to connect, protect and secure their communication networks. Engage Black provides innovative cryptographic solutions that securely generate, use and manage cryptographic keys and material; and encrypt data in motion.

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