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Develops Alternative for Industrial 4 Wire Leased Lines

Aptos, CA – July 30, 2013

Engage Communication, a leading provider of circuit emulation, circuit protection and encryption solutions announced today an integrated 4 wire analog interface for the IPTube product line; facilitating both a rapid and cost effective path for Utilities and Pipeline Industries to migrate from end of life copper analog circuits to IP networks.

Utilities and Pipeline Industries have relied on 4 wire analog circuits to transport Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition (SCADA) information to and from remote terminals / substations (RTU) for decades. But phone companies are finally phasing out this aging telecom infrastructure and Utilities are being forced to evaluate SCADA transport alternatives. The leading candidate in this search is IP packet based networks.

The Engage Communication IPTube family of products enables Utilities to transition from legacy networks to packet based networks while retaining existing SCADA protocols, processes and remote and central site equipment. In addition, the IPTube solution facilitates NERC compliance by connecting RTUs to multiple redundant data centers and creating NERC CIP isolation of IP networks.

With significant deployment of the IPTube serial to packet and TDM to packet solutions in the Utility industry, Engage is now responding to the need for direct 4 wire analog FSK modem (202) interfaces.  The new IPTube SER 202T provides one to four analog ports and is available in both remote (stand-alone) and central site (chassis slot-card) configurations.

The IPTube SER 202T interfaces directly to the 4 wire analog interface of the RTU, transparently encapsulates SCADA protocols from the RTU into IP packets, and transports those packets onto the IP network. At the control center, the central site IPTube SER 202T seamlessly converts the packets back into their original 202 modem data format; or directly to an RS232 DCE interface with an IPTube SER RS232; or multiple RTUs can be multiplexed onto T1 circuits for routing to existing cross-connect and channel bank equipment.

“As a leader in the circuit emulation market for over 10 years, Engage is pleased to add to our already powerful offering for Utilities,” said Mark Doyle Engage President and CEO. “The IPTube SER 202T is another example of how Engage extends the investment life of proven legacy equipment and facilitates NERC compliance with redundant IP network connectivity.”

Please contact Engage Communication at 1 877-ENGAGE4 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on availability and details about the IPTube SER 202T.  http://www.engageinc.com/products/wire-modem-to-ethernet/ip-tube-ser-202t.html 

Engage Communication, founded in 1989, has ROHS compliant solutions that enable organizations to route, bridge, encrypt, and auto protect Voice/Video/Data Networks and to take advantage of the lower costs and flexibility associated with Packet transport while preserving their investment in Circuit based premises equipment such as: RTUs, PBXs, Phone Switches, Voice and Data Multiplexors, Video and Audio Codecs, and Encryptors.

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