Ethernet Encryption

The BlackDoor protects the confidentiality and integrity of Intranet and Internet Ethernet networks with the strongest commercially available cryptography. The BlackDoor Ethernet Encryptor, which supports Point to Point and Multipoint information assurance configurations with unique dynamic keys, is specifically designed for real time wireline backbones and the full spectrum of outdoor Wireless WAN technologies including: Free Space Optics, licensed and unlicensed Radios.

The Engage BlackDoor GIG Encryptor  offers customers a new level of Gigabit speeds for securing existing packet based networks. The AES based encryption algorithms offer industry standard security levels at multiple layers of the network OSI while supporting up to Gigabit Ethernet transmission speeds. The BlackDoor GIG Encryptor is installed at the edge of the existing network interfaces and means instant security upgrades for customer satisfaction and network invisibility.