4-Wire Analog Over IP Packet

Tube VF Main Graphic

4 Wire Analog Voice Frequency over Packet Networks

The IPTube VF has balanced 4-Wire 600 ohm Voice Frequency interfaces that utilize a PCM CODEC to convert Analog Voice Band into Digital for transport over Ethernet packet services. This conversion facilitates the interconnection of Voice Band communications over cost effective and ubiquitous Ethernet based LAN/WAN/MAN wired and wireless network services such as MPLS, xDSL, Cable Modem and 4G/LTE.

4-Wire Analog to IP Coverter

4-Wire leased line analog networks interconnect VoiceBand Communications for Utilities, Municipalities and Public Safety Agencies. Cost and availability issues with these copper telephone lines make finding transport alternatives a priority.  Converting VoiceBand interfaces to packet data is a cost effective and easy to implement alternative.

IPTube VF Standard Features

Dual LAN Interfaces
All IPTube VF models ship with dual 10/100 BaseT Ethernet LAN ports. The dual Ethernet interfaces provide for:

Management interface on LAN port 2 when LAN port 1 is connected to a VPN tunnel
Protector Option: Redundant Packet Path connections with Constant or Switch Over Criteria

Assured Delivery Protocol
In order to assure high quality communications over links with intermittent or noisy performance, such as Wireless, the IPTube VF employs Engage’s robust Assured Delivery Protocol with the following benefits:

Packet out of sequence detection and re-sequencing
Duplicate skipping
Lost packet retransmissions with configured delay

IPTube VF Optional Features
Protector OPTION -PRO
The protector option utilizes the second LAN interface as a redundant path for the interconnection of the IP encapsulated VoiceBand. The extension of the VoiceBand has a fault tolerant link that is configured to always on, or with switch over criteria.