Leased Line Cost Elimination   

Leased Lines Cost Elimination for T1/E1/T3/DS3/E3: ROI measured in Weeks

By routing T1 E1 DS3 T3  E3 circuits over Ethernet Packet networks organizations save OpEx and CapEx


PBX over IP

Enterprises eliminate the Voice Leased Line Toll charges assessed by long distance and local carriers by transporting their PBX connections across IP and Ethernet LANs, WANs and MANs. Don't forklift upgrade to VoIP to eliminate leased line costs!

Channel Bank Over IP Ethernet

IPTube T1/E1s convert a channel bank's T1/E1 interface into IP packets.

Critical Circuit Redundancy 


Critical Circuit Redundancy

Circuit Emulation facilitates orthoginal network redundancy for Mission Critical Voice, Video and Data connections

Cellular Backhaul

 Engage IP•Tube products enable Cellular providers to leverage ubiquitous, economical, and reliable IP/Ethernet services as an alternative to T1/E1 circuits


 Encryption is employed to prevent interception, tampering and disruption of public or private communication channels.

Critical Infrastructure Protection


Critical infrastructure is defined as the collection of public and private services that are essential to sustain government, provide for a safe living environment, maintain day-to-day business, and secure a prosperous economy. They include both public and private enterprise services such as; government operations, banking and finance, telecommunications, emergency services, gas and oil, electric and energy, water, and transportation...

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