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SCADA Protocols over IP Networks

The Engage Communication IPTube product family enables legacy SCADA communication previously connected through leased lines to connect to IP networks. Utilities are able to save significant money by migrating their existing proven SCADA Control and Remote Telemetry Units connections to ubiquitous cost effective Ethernet IP networks.

The IPTube transparently converts the Serial SCADA communication link between Control Center(s) and Remote Telemetry Units into IP packets.  The conversion of the SCADA Serial interfaces into packets is implemented using the identical approach used to transport serial interfaces via T1 TDM circuits.  This ensures that the SCADA communication protocols, such as Modbus RTURP-570Profibus and Conitel, are delivered identically and the timing between polling requests and responses is maintained.

Utilities are motivated to implement packet based SCADA control redundancy beyond what is required to comply with regulations.  They simultaneously benefit from the lower transport costs of Ethernet Packet networks and Control redundancy.  Circuit emulation over packet makes it possible to achieve redundancy while saving money by eliminating leased circuit costs.  And there is the added benefit of being able to sell the excess bandwidth from the IP packet network since SCADA circuits are low bandwidth.

IPTubes are deployed all around the world for the full range of Circuit applications for Enterprises, Service Providers and Military communication applications. Engage Communication has specialized in the conversion of Circuits to Packets since 2000 and the conversion of Synchronous Serial to Packets since 2006.

Serial Circuit Emulation

Time Division Multiplexed Circuit Emulation

SCADA is traditionally deployed to be a management tool for electrical grids or pipelines. It has also become instrumentation continuously gathering technical as well as commercial information.