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RS232 Over IP Ethernet



IPExpress RS232
 is a Wide Area Network solution that bridges Ethernet Packets or routes the Internet Protocol through a High Speed RS232 WAN interface. The RS232 WAN port supports Point to Point and Frame Relay Wide Area Networking Protocols with 24/7 proven interoperability.

IPExpress RS232 are used extensively with Wide Area Networks for high performance branch office connectivity and Internet access. Internet Service Providers deploy the IPExpress RS232 as a customer premise solution. Corporations and Government agencies select the IPExpress RS232 for its ease of installation and reliability.

The IPExpress RS232 is a very reliable, high performance and cost effective IP WAN Router and Ethernet Bridge for interconnecting remote LANs and for shared high performance Internet Access. IPExpress RS232 is great for:

• Branch Office Connections         • Shared Internet Access
• Education District Networking    • Multi Megabyte File Transfers
• Ethernet to RS232 Conversion

Network Security
 is provided with Full On Source, Destination Address; Port and Flag IP Packet filtering. Interconnectivity is able to be selectively controlled at the network, device and application layers.

Management of the IPExpress RS232 is accomplished with a Command Line Interface that is accessed through a Console or Telnet connection. Templates of the most common configuration provide for an Edit and Paste configuration. SNMP MIB I and II support is a standard feature.

Rack Mount Kit
The IPExpress products are easily installed in 19" and 23" racks with the Rack Mount Kit. Easy access to both front and rear sides facilitates technician maintenance procedures.

IPExpress Manual in PDF Format

IPExpress Brochure in PDF Format

  Technical Specifications

LAN Network Interface:
• 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Port
• Auto-negotiate or Configured

LAN Network Protocols Supported:
• IP Multicast support

WAN Network Interfaces:
• One RS232 DTEor DTE
• 16 Megabit per second clocking rate

RS232 Specifications:
• DTE DB25 Female pinned RS232
• 2 Megabit per second clocking rate

WAN Network Protocols Supported:
(RFC 1548, RFC 1332, RFC 1334, PAP)

• Frame Relay

TFTP Online Upgrade Capable
• Fully operational during upgrade

• Secure Socket Shell - SSH
Diffie-Hellman Group1/14 key exchange and 
strong integrity checking via MAC SHA1/SHA1-
96 with Cipher AES-128 and 3DES and DSS and
OpenSSH public key format
• Telnet support with Edit and Paste Templates
• Console Port for Out of Band Management
• SNMP support (MIB I, MIB II)
• Remote configuration, monitoring, & reset

Routing Protocols Supported:
• RIPv1, Static

Network Security:
• Full On Source, Destination Address;
Port and Flag IP Packet filtering
• Network, Device and Application Layers

• 9" (L) x 7.3" (W) x 1.50" (H)

• Safety -IEC60950
• EMC - CFR 47 Part 15 Sub Part B:2002
EN55024, ICES-003 1997
CISPR 22 Level A
• CE

• Locking Power Connector
• 12-24 VDC 1.0A
Ships with Universal Adapter
• Optional -48V 0.25 Amp
• Hot Standby with 2nd Power Module

Back Panel AC
Adapter cable required for RS232 and RS449
Console Port Connector RJ 45 to DB 9 Female Adapter provided
RS232: Interface for WAN connectivity via PPP or Frame Relay

Solution Overview

IPExpress RS232 is used to connect Ethernet LANs to Telecommunication equipment such as Voice and Data multiplexers, Microwave, Modems, and Bulk Serial Encryptors.