The IP Tube SS7 SIG  RS530  transports SS7 messages over IP networks. SS7 signaling network elements such as local and tandem switches, Mobile Switching Centers, Signal Transfer Points and Home Location Registers that are interconnected to remote network elements by IP Tube SS7 SIG  RS530 s are able to transmit their signaling messages over cost effective and flexible IP networks.

Reduced Transport Costs 
Carriers significantly reduce SS7 transport costs by replacing expensive long-haul dedicated signaling links with very competitively priced IP connectivity between network elements. Service providers cut costs with SS7 Over IP by offloading data traffic from SS7 networks onto IP networks.
IP Tube SS7 SIG RS530 Brochure in PDF Format

New Revenue Opportunities 
The demand for data-centric services such as Short Message Service and Unified Messaging has created an opportunity for carriers to capitalize on new revenue generating opportunities. Cost-effective IP transport technology and service-rich SS7 applications enables carriers to quickly integrate enhanced services and capture new revenue.

Legacy Investment Protection 
Establishing an SS7 network with IPTube SS7 SIGs does not require expensive forklift replacements or costly software upgrades for existing end nodes.

Deployment Flexibility 
Widely available commercial and private IP networks provides the SS7 network designer with competitive options for interconnecting the signaling points.

Industry Standard SS7 Framer
The IPTube SS7 SIG 
RS530  uses an industry standard SS7 Framer to receive and transmit SS7 messages. Minimal IP bandwidth is required to deliver SS7 since only the message data is encapsulated into IP packets.

AC Power Back Panel
Console Port Connector · RJ 45 to DB 9 Female Adapter provided
RS530 DCE/DTE Interface for connection to Synchronous Serial Interfaces
Standard 10BaseT Ethernet interface


Solution Overview

Benefits of SS7 Over IP Service providers can cut costs with SS7oIP by
offloading data traffic from SS7 networks onto IP networks. For example, Short Message Service (SMS) data is saturating GSM service providers' SS7 networks.