Engage validates BlackVault HSM interoperability with Information Security Corporation’s (ISC) CertAgent Certificate Authority

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Engage validates BlackVault HSM interoperability with Information Security Corporation’s (ISC) CertAgent Certificate Authority


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NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) HSM requirement achieved

Aptos, CA – September 18, 2018

Engage Black, a Cryptographic Appliance manufacturer announces today the successful integration of the BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM) with the Information Security Corporation’s CertAgent (CA).

NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program has been established to enable commercial products to be used in layered solutions protecting classified National Security Systems data. 

CertAgent 7.0.6 is the only NSACSfC approved CA with NIAP certification for compliance with the Common Criteria Protection Profile for Certification Authorities (v2.1).  X.509 certificate issuance for individuals, routers, webservers, VPNs, and internet phones. RSA and NIST/NSA SUITE B-complaint ECC key types are supported.

The BlackVaultHSM is a FIPs 140-2 Level 3 network attached HSM module that performs: key generation and management, cryptographic operations for VPN network authentication, data encryption, regulatory compliance and critical security systems with support for PKCS#11, JAVA, and Microsoft CNG cryptographic APIs.

Critical Information Protection: Encrypt Serial Data Communication Links with the BlackSER AES, a serial data AES encryptor with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Security

Engage BlackVault CA Achieves Interoperability with WatchGuard’s Fireboxes

BlackVault Certificate Authority Adds REST API for EST Flexibility

BlackVault HSM Achieves Interoperability with Cryptsoft KMIP Platform


Metropolitan Transit Authority Upgrades Communications Easily and Affordably with Engage IP Tube

Metropolitan Transit Authority Upgrades Communications Easily and Affordably with Engage IP Tube

EngageTrainFor metropolitan transit authorities with aging communication networks, the choice to upgrade their entire network infrastructure can be costly and sometime prohibitive. Yet for some transit authorities, it can be more cost effective to use circuit to packet converters to upgrade their communication system.

For one Transit Authority located in the Western U.S., this was the best solution possible. After first deciding to upgrade its aging SONET network that connected more than 50 stations, to run on a 10 Gigabit Ethernet communication network, the transit authority found it to be much more expensive and time consuming that originally anticipated.

A Successful UTC 2016 for Engage

A Successful UTC 2016 for Engage

Engage was thrilled to meet with Utility representatives at the UTC 2016 show.
Engage UTC Booth

Numerous people stopped by our Engage “Bunker” booth to learn more about the impending end of Telco’s leased lines and how Utilities can transition.

We brought an awareness of what the future of TDM communication will soon be and how it will drastically change due to the upcoming IP migration. We found that many of the people from large utility companies and cooperatives are facing the same common dilemma. We then presented them a cost effective way to painlessly transition to Ethernet-based communications.

Are Utilities Prepared for the IP Transition?

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Are Utilities Prepared for the IP Transition?

With the impending end of traditional landline communications that Utilities have relied on for years to control substation assets, utilizes need to find a solution to migrate to packet-based wireless and IP/Ethernet-based network services.

Utilities Face the End of Analog

Engage Power Lines

Utilities Face the End of Analog

The FCC is currently embarking on the biggest communication transformation in more than a century. Dubbed the IP transition, it involves getting rid of the old analog telephone network we’ve used for decades and transitioning to IP-based communication services.

The transition is due to lobbying by major telecommunications companies including AT&T, who see the old analog systems as costly and inefficient compared to Internet-based communications.

Engage Set to Attend UTC Telecom and Technology Conference

UTCEngage Set to Attend UTC Telecom and Technology Conference

Engage is excited to attend the upcoming national UTC Telecom and Technology Conference on May 4 and 5, in Denver, Colorado.

Engage has been an active participant in both the regional and national Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) shows for more than 10 years, since our products and solutions provide utilities a easy and cost-effective way to transition from legacy leased line circuits.

BlackVault HSM Safeguards Consumer Appliance and IoT Device Identities

BlackVault Certificate Authority Adds Support for New Standard

BlackVault CYNR Revolutionizes Secure Code and App Signing

Engage Successfully Communicates with Public Safety Officials at APCO 2015

Engage First ResponderEngage Communicates with Public Safety Officials at APCO 2015

Engage was pleased to attend the APCO 2015 conference, the premier event for public safety communications officials.

Engage displayed the Engage IP•Tube VF, a Voice Frequency full duplex 4 Wire Analog Circuit to Packet Converter. It is used by State and Local Public Safety organizations to preserve their investment in analog Land Mobile Radio (LMR) infrastructure and field radios, as well as eliminate expensive leased analog backhaul circuits.

Engage forms Security Business Unit

Engage Communication Voice Band Press Release

Engage Communication Celebrates 25 Years of Delivering Innovative Networking and Security Solutions

AES Encryption integrated into market leading IP-Tube Circuit to Packet converters

Engage Helps Light Rail Network Migrate

Engage Selected for Advanced Portable Communication System

Engage Provides Solution to Copper's End of Life

Hurricane Sandy Communication Restoral

Engage Simplifies and Lowers the Cost of Redundant and Diversely Routed Control Centers; Helping Utilities Meet NERC Standards

Engage Feasts on ATM’s End of Life

Engage Communication Automatically Protects Circuits over Packet Networks

Engage Communication doubles Echo Cancellation capacity of Voice Circuit Emulation solution

Engage Communication helps SOWs clean up Louisiana from BP Gulf Oil Spill

Engage Communication’s New RS530/RS232/V.35 Serial Over Packet solutions that supports from 1 to 60 connections

Engage Communication Announces Abis Optimization Solution to Improve Cellular Backhaul Efficiency

Engage Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Engage Ships Gigabit Speed Network Encryption Appliance

Engage Announces PrimaStratum, a T1/E1 GPSDO for Remote Stratum 1 Timing from GPS Satellite

Engage Delivers Hybrid Circuit Emulation

Nationwide Mobile Service Provider achieves maintainable Fault Tolerance while reducing OPEX

Engage Delivers SuperTube T1/E1 Circuit to IP Packet Converter with VLAN/QOS Ethernet Switch

Engage Introduces Reduced Cost, Small Footprint TDM to IP Converter with Built-In Ethernet Switch

Engage Introduces Bundled T1/E1 To IP Solution for Cell Backhaul

Engage IPTube Backhauls Baja California Cellular Base Station with Parallel Multi-hop WiFi

Engage Secures Management of IP•Tube Product Line

Engage Celebrates 18th Anniverary

Engage Hurricane Proofs Louisiana

Engage Gets Chubby on Cellular Back Haul

Engage Delivers SS7 to SIGTRAN Protocol Converter to VOIP Service Provider

Redundant Circuit Extension Over IP with Satellite Delay Synchronization

Ethernet Encryptor Paints Red Doors Black

Engage Announces Circuit Protector with a Mind of its Own

Engage Encryption Appliance Secures Telco Links with Easy Installation

Engage’s Assured Delivery Protocol Internet Connects Cellular Base Station to Base Station Controller on the other side of Planet Earth

Engage Communication enables Circuit Based COMSEC Type 1 Serial Link Encryptors to operate over Packet Networks at up to 16 Megabits

Engage Communication Launches Voice Gateway Appliance with Echo Cancellation Option

Engage Communication Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

Engage Communication adds Load Balancing Option to it Evolutionary Voice Over IP Products

Engage Communication's IPTube-E2 selected by the Department of Defense

Engage Communication's LAN Governor deployed by the State of Maryland

Engage Communication's IPExpressQT1 enables Broadcasters to transport MPEG video from Studio to Teleport for Nationwide Satellite TV program delivery

Engage Communication's Central Office T1 Over IP Solution Deployed by Cellular Service Providers and Nationwide MSO

Engage Communication Announces support for SS7 Over IP

Engage Communication Announces Solutions for Centralized SS7 Protocol Analysis

Engage Communication Announces support for HDLC Over IP

Engage Communication incorporates MPEG IP video stream redundancy switching into its IPExpress T1/E1 IP WAN Router product lines

Engage Communication Announces the IPTube-RS530 - a Data Circuit to IP Packet Converter with Bit Rate Control

Engage Delivers the IPExpressMLT-DI-H a combination T1 IP WAN Router and T1 Drop and Insert Multiplexor with an integrated Ethernet Hub

Engage Delivers the IPExpressMLE-DI-H a combination E1 IP WAN Router and E1 Drop and Insert Multiplexor with an integrated Ethernet Hub

Engage Delivers T1 Over IP Solution for Data and Voice Over IP Networking of Telecom Switches, PBXs, and T1 Circuits

Engage Ships Inverse Packet Multiplexer and Router Combination

Engage Adds NAT/PAT to XL line of WAN Routers

Engage Announces IP•Express XL line of IP WAN Routers

Engage Ships Internet Access Router with integrated 56/64K CSU/DSU

Engage Ships Internet Access Router that combines a 56K DSU/CSU and a T1/FT1 DSU/CSU in one package

Engage Communication announces the IP•Express family--A one-box, high-performance Internet access router for TCP/IP LAN-to-WAN networks starting at $995

Engage ships the ExpressRouter-T1 --A one-box branch office/internet access router with integrated T1/fracT1 DSU/CSU.

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