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Encrypted Data over IP
The IPTube-RS530 provides enterprises with the ability to interconnect Encryptors over flexible bandwidth enterprise intranet, LAN, Metropolitan-Area Network, WAN, or Wireless.
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 IP •Tube RS530

Leverage Existing Equipment
IP•Tube RS530 provides for the leveraging of existing Communica-tions and Information Security (COMSEC and INFOSEC) products, such as KIV7s. Secure electronic communication, high-grade encryption and decryption equipment that is being used in space and other sensitive digital communication environments can be interconnected over IP services. KIV 7 Data over IP with the IPTube-RS530 is a very economical solution that leverages a proven installed base.
 IPTube RS530 Features
Clocking and Bandwidth
The Engage IP•Tube RS530 and IP•Tube V.35 products are considered DataCommunication Equipment - DCEs - and as such they provide the clocking to their attached Data Terminal Equipment - DTEs. SCTCLOCK is used to clock SD data from the DTE into IP packets that are sent to the interface S1’s TUBE ADDRESS. SCRCLOCK is used to clock the RD receive Ethernet packet data from the buffer memory into the DTE.
HDLC over IP
IPTubes with HDLCoIP connect to the RS530 leased line interface of an Enterprise’s WAN Router and encapsulate the HDLC frames into an IP Packet that is sent to the remote site IPTube where it is presented to the remote WAN router as the original HDLC frame. Enterprises are able to connect to broadband IP services through their existing proven WAN infrastructure. Internal Ethernet networks remain isolated and security services such as Firewalling are maintained.
User Interface
Management of the IP•Tube RS530 is accomplished with a Command Line Interface that is accessed through a Console or Telnet connection. Templates of the most common configuration provide for an Edit and Paste configuration. SNMP MIB I and II support is a standard feature.
Console Port
All IP•Tube models include a Console port for configuration. The Console port may be used for serial communication from a local workstation, or for remote connection via a modem. IP•Tube models utilize an RJ45 jack for the Console port. The Console port is configured as a DTE (Data Terminal
Equipment) port. This allows direct connection to a DCE (Data Communication Equipment) device such as a modem. For connection to other DTE, such as a terminal or PC, a Null Modem adapter is required.
Rack Mount Kit
The IP-Tube family is ready for your most demanding central office or data center environments. With the Rack Mount Kit IP•Tube products are easily installed in 19" and 23" racks. Easy access to both front and rear sides facilitates technician maintenance procedures.
IP•Tube RS530 Options
• AC or DC powering available
• Available in DCE or DTE interface
• V.35 versions also available
• Operation at 2.4 Kbps to 2.048 Mbps
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