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Gigabit Ethernet AES Tunnel Encryption

 BlackDoor GIG: AES Bridge, Router, Tunnel, MPLS Payload Encryption

Ordering Information

Gigabit Ethernet AES Tunnel Encryption
 How to Order –– BlackDoor GIG
Part No. Description Notes
007-1010-GIG -xx BlackDoor GIG -xx Number of Network Connections supported
Power Options   Specify as suffix - Combine 2 for Hot Standby
-DCMOD Power Module 12/26 VDC/AC ADAPTER Ships with Universal Adapter 100/240 50/60
-WIREDC Power Supply Module 12/26 VDC Screw Term  
-N48VDC Power Supply Module Negative 48 Volt DC  Isolated Negative 48 Volt Power
Rack Mount Option   Specify as suffix
-RACKMNT  19/23" Wide Rack Mount Brackets Enclosure Nut Serts Installed
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