Organizations face an ever increasing need to secure their Ethernet Networks from tampering and interception.

Engage's BlackDoor GIG provides sophisticated Ethernet encryption for Governments and Corporations in many different industries including:

     • Defense
     • Aerospace
     • Pharmaceuticals
     • Financial Services
     • Consumer Products      • Manufacturing
     • Oil and Gas
     • Health

The Engage BlackDoor GIG provides users with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to protect sensitive information for use over point to point and point to multipoint Wide Area Network Voice, Data, and Video connections.

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  Black•Door GIG Encryptor


Black•Door GIG Encryptor Benefits

• AES Encryption for Layer2/3 Payloads • MPLS Data Payload Encryption
• Point-to-MultiPoint with Multiple Key Support • Plug-and-Play Functionality
• Gigabit Ethernet Payload - Supports JUMBO Ethernet Frames • 256 Bit AES Keys

The BlackDoor GIG Ethernet Encryptor meets the new security requirements and reduces overall network complexity for:

                  • Department of Defense - Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines
                  • National, State and Local Governments
                  • Public Safety Networks
                  • Homeland Security
                  • Multi-Site Commercial Enterprises
                  • Banking and Financial Institutions
                  • Health Care Industries
                  • Natural Gas & Electric Power Utility Companies
                  • Transportation Agencies
                  • Closed Circuit TV

BlackDoor GIG Encryption enables Enterprises to achieve the stringent information security standards that are mandated by a variety of legislative actions, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, California Database Security Breach Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, EU Data Protection Directive and the Federal Information Security Management Act.

BlackDoor GIG Encryption enables Enterprises to prevent network attacks that seek to obtain or manipulate their most vital or profitable sources of information including:

∙ Customer Records

∙ Intellectual Property

∙ Marketing Plans

∙ Employee Files

∙ Accounting Forecasts

∙ Sales Strategies

∙ Source Code

∙ Formulae

∙ Financial Spreadsheets

Network to Multiple Network Access Points - Encryption with BLACK•DOOR GIG Encryptor

Broadband Interoffice Ethernet
Demand for interoffice bandwidth to support applications such as: VOIP, IPTV and Video on Demand, and the aggressive pricing from Ethernet Service providers are pushing Interoffice Ethernet into Multisite Enterprises.  Encryption is required at all network access points to assure sensitive payload and address information is encrypted and protected when it traverses service provider networks.

Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Encryption
One of the most economical means to establish Gigabit Ethernet connectivity between line-of-site locations is Wireless Ethernet with Gigabit interfaces.  The BlackDoor GIG Encryptor facilitates encryption of the Egress Ethernet to externally located Wireless Gigabit and offloads encryption from the Radio and supports multi point installations.

Connectionless Network Protocol Security

Ethernet networks are being used for larger scale networks and as a replacement for traditional telco data services. Both private enterprises as well as service providers see the proliferation of Ethernet as a backhaul medium as an advantage for their network expansion. However, Ethernet at this scale can also lead to potential issues as the network is no longer as secure as a connection-oriented infrastructure.

Security interfaces are required at all network access points to assure data packets as well as address information is encrypted and protected. These interfaces might be less robust software solutions or for a higher level of network security, plug-and-play encryption appliances. The Engage BlackDoor GIG Encryptor offers an effective, easy-to-install solution to solve this problem. The BlackDoor GIG Encryptor can be added to existing equipment sites for upgrade of security or it can be installed with new systems to add AES encryption to non-secure equipment. It works in both point-to-point as well as point-to-multipoint configurations at Gigabit access speeds.

GIG MultiPoint Network

Note: the BlackDoor GIG has interoperability with the BlackDoor that supports 10 and 100 BaseT Ethernet.

OSI Layer Encryption

BLACK•DOOR GIG Encryptor Benefits

OSI Layer Solution/Benefit
Layer 2 - Bridge Interfaces at Layer 2, non-local packets are encrypted above the MAC layer and then directed to the appropriate destination address by the internal bridge.
Layer 3 - Router Interfaces at Layer 3, packets are encrypted above the Network Layer and then can be dynamically or statically routed to the destination network by the internal router.
Layer 2.5 - MPLS The BlackDoor GIG Encryptor can provide ‘payload only’ encryption for MPLS data packets, maintaining the MPLS labels while encrypting the MPLS payload. It is flexible enough to provide an encrypted ‘tunnel’ for point-to-point MPLS connections or can encrypt at Layer 2 or Layer 3 or both, easy to configure without any down time for network access equipment.
Equipment Layer - 'Tunnel' Mode Many times network to network security requires an encrypted ‘tunnel’ carrying Ethernet packets over a pre-defined network path. The BlackDoor GIG Encryptor permits user creation of a destination table, encrypts the entire incoming packet, and adds the appropriate destination address for correct network transport.

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