Engage Communication Products

TDM Circuit Emulation The IPTube transparent operation maintains the proprietary signaling required to support PBX features such as call conferencing, call forwarding, caller ID and SS7. Legacy phone equipment investment is preserved. Available with Integrated Echo Cancellation and Lossless Data Compression. 
Serial to Ethernet  The Serial Circuit Emulation Units encapsulates synchronous serial data from Data Terminal or Communication Equipment into IP packets. These IP packets are sent to a remote unit where the serial data is de-encapsulated and synchronously clocked into the remote Data Equipment. Configured Data rates from 75 bits per second to 256 Kilobits per second.
Automatic Protection Switching Government and Commercial organizations are heavily dependent upon the uninterrupted operation of their Voice, Data and Video systems. The need to do whatever it takes to keep the vital systems fully operational is a primary objective. 
Ethernet over IP The IPTube E2 is used to interconnect Ethernet LANs through an IP network. Ethernet frames that are destined for a device located on the remote network are encapsulated into IP packets.
SS7 Circuit Emulation and SIGTRAN The IP Tube SS7 SIG transports SS7 messages over IP networks. SS7 signaling network elements such as local and tandem switches, Mobile Switching Centers, Signal Transfer Points and Home Location Registers that are interconnected to remote network elements by IPTube SS7 SIGs are able to transmit their signaling messages over cost effective and flexible IP networks.
Circuit Encryption The Engage BlackBond Link Encryptor utilizes the Advanced Encryption Standard to secure sensitive information transmitted over point to point or dial-up T1 or E1 communication links
Ethernet Encryption The BlackDoor protects the confidentiality and integrity of Intranet and Internet Ethernet networks with the strongest commercially available cryptography.
Circuit Emulation Encryption BlackTubes secure the Critical Infrastructure utilized by highly competitive businesses, government operations, banking and finance, telecommunications, emergency services, gas and oil, electric and energy, water, and transportation.
Timing Sources ThPrimaStratum receives GPS satellite timing signals to control an onboard oscillator providing from one to four T1 or E1 Stratum 1 reference clocks. The PrimaStratum utilizes a mixed-signal phase lock loop GPS driven frequency module to generate extremely accurate 1.544MHz/T1 and/or 2.048MHz/ E1 references clocks that are frequency locked to the Global Stratum 1 source.
Wide Area Networking Engage  has been manufacturing Wide Area Network routers since 1989. We were one of the first companies to combine a T1/E1 DSU/CSU with a WAN router. Standards based WAN protocols, PPP, Multilink PPP, and Frame Relay, ensure 24/7 interoperability.
Chassis The CHUB is 5U chassis suitable for ETSI or ANSI installations. The Chassis is designed to accommodate from 1 to 15 Networking, Telecommunication or Encryption modules from Engage Communication IPTubeIPExpressBlackBond and BlackDoor product lines.